January 8, 2010

it’s friday; i’m in love – silhouettes by carter kustera


Time to kick-off another weekly series, this one called “It’s Friday; I’m in Love” … courtesy of The Cure, of course.  Because how often do you find something you just love, love, love?  I do … all the time!  So on Fridays, I’m going to share with you one of the newest things that I just love, love, love – whether it’s a piece of furniture, an artist, a song, an event, or a store here in Charlotte.  Basically, it’s whatever strikes my fancy … that I think might strike yours, too!

Today, check out these awesome hand-painted silhouettes by Carter Kustera, available at Jonathan Adler stores.  I love this mod update on the traditional framed silhouette!


I fell in love with these the minute I spotted a few in a New York City store.  I’d love to have these done for all of my children … and yes, that includes my twins and my Maltese puppy Coco.  I especially love the tag-lines that Carter adds under the portrait.  Wouldn’t it be fun to just give him some random facts about the subject of the silhouette and then just see what he comes up with?    Let’s see … Coco’s could be something like “must be the center of attention” or “appreciates a puff-and-fluff.”   Charlie’s might be “orders a little pasta and a lot of cheese” or “asks to eat ice cream at the Ritz.”  Henry’s should say “climbs like a monkey” or “tells his twin what to do.”

What would your silhouette say?  Right now mine would say, “Traci wishes you un bon week-end!”

Photo from Jonathan Adler.


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