March 18, 2011

it’s friday; i’m in love – rivets wallcovering

Have you seen the new Rivets Collection from Phillip Jeffries?  I DIE.  It is amazing!

Rivets is a raised relief pattern wallcovering that apparently looks and feels like real nail heads.  Here you can see it up close in the black on vanilla hemp colorway …

… and the champagne on linen.

I love how you can go dramatic (with the nailheads in the contrasting color) or subtle (with the tone-on-tone nailheads).  I’m ordering my samples now … and praying for a project soon in which I can use this wallcovering!

Photos from Phillip Jeffries, Ltd.


  • Maria Killam
    Mar. 18, 2011
    Hi Traci, I haven't seen this wallpaper yet, it's fabulous! xo Maria
  • Karena
    Mar. 18, 2011
    Traci this is fabulous, when you think you have seen everything somthing new and exciting emerges! Come and enter my Bath & Body Giveaway!! Xoxo Karena Art by Karena
  • designchic
    Mar. 18, 2011
    I think its amazing, Traci. Love, love the tone on tone!!
  • Meghan Blum
    Mar. 18, 2011
    I'm a sucker for nailheads anyway so this is great to see!
  • Cheryl
    Mar. 19, 2011
    Gorgeous. would love to see and feel a room or wall done with this. This has energy. Have a question on nailhead-project for you: I'm starting to research nailhead for a simple project: adding nailhead to a dark brown club chair that has clean lines. Got it at an amazing price BUT it needs something . . . .nailhead trim, just a little, down the front of the chair and following the arm-roll in front.! It's like choosing a frame for a painting so everything works together. In short, go tone on tone (antique brass or bronze on brown) or step out of the box and go dramatic/contrastive (antique pewter or French pewter on brown). I could nailhead the tufted espresso headboard in same room too, which is like me, one thing leads to another . . . . Have you seen a brown chair with nailheads that just worked for you? any suggestions on this one, tone on tone or contrastive with dark brown?
  • Luciane at
    Mar. 21, 2011
    Good morning, Traci. I hope you had a great weekend! I'm so excited about this! I haven't seen it before, so thank you for letting us know about it. It's really beautiful and elegant. Have a very fun Spring with your family, Traci! xo Luciane at
  • Chassity {Look Linger Love}
    Mar. 21, 2011
    I die too! So pretty. Can't wait to see how you use it, please share!
  • Jon Gustafson
    Apr. 08, 2011

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