February 3, 2014

how to survive the polar vortex … in the south with twins

Seriously, Mother Nature?  I have whiplash from watching the temperatures see-saw.

Twin A Snow Angel January 2014And now ole Punxsutwaney Phil seems to think we are getting six more weeks of winter.  Ppppsssshhhaw is what I have to say to that.

Twin B Snow Angel January 2014Do you see the grass underneath their snow angels?  So much for the “blizzard” my kiddos reported as they saw the flakes fall on Tuesday.  Of course, I am beyond relieved that those of us in Charlotte, North Carolina avoided the disaster that Atlanta, Georgia experienced.  No matter what flak our school officials might receive for being overly cautious, I personally am in the “better safe than sorry” camp.  We have a really big school district, and just because my kiddos can get to and from school safely doesn’t mean everyone can.  So here’s what I learned about surviving the polar vortex with twins.  Wait for it ….

Target C9 by Champion Snow BibPajamas are not ideal for playing in the snow.  Totally revolutionary thinking, right?  Well, it was to my Southern-born boys!  Good thing we have a snow-tubing weekend planned, and I had already purchased these snow bibs.  Thank you, Tar-jay!  Important Memo to Self: Purchase a pair of c9 by Champion snow bibs every year.  For 20 bucks, I don’t mind wearing them only once or twice … about the max number of times Charlotte gets snow in a year … and then I can pass them down to another set of twins.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down ParkaWhat’s a style-loving-and-freezing-cold-disliking mom to wear during such weather?  Well, I’m now the proud new owner of a Uniqlo ultra-light down parka.  Or maybe two.   I’m tempted by all of the colors but that just seems wasteful.  I borrowed Marisa‘s during ITMA Showtime and subsequently decided it just may be perfect.   I’m even considering the long version for trips to colder climes like Salt Lake City.  It would so much easier to tote along than the mega-heavy-and-huge puffer that I oh-so-affectionately refer to as the Great-Aunt Bertha Coat.  

Sorel Tofino CateI also splurged on SOREL boots.  I tried to find an inexpensive pair, but — seeing as we’re past the shopping season for winter wear — no such luck.   They aren’t the most flattering things I’ve ever purchased, but at least my feet are warm.

AM-I-WEARING-PANTSAny suggestions on a pair of snow leggings?   As in, pants.  NOT tights.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone MovieOh, and my last idea for surviving the polar vortex with twins?  Movies.   Lots of movies.    Now that my boys are seven (almost eight!) years old, we’ve introduced the Harry Potter series.  Family fun for all!  Here’s a great guide to when they are age-appropriate.  And yes, we’ve read the books first.    

How did you fill your snow days?

PS:  I know this post invites serious mocking from my snowbound friends.  This includes you, Tawna.  

Top photos via moi.  Product photos via Target and Uniqlo.  Pants vs. tights graphic by the brilliant Amy Sly via Buzz Feed.      Harry Potter DVD cover via IMDB.


  • R English
    Feb. 03, 2014
    A friend of mine called it the bipolar vortex. I it fits. My favorite down coats (a short and long version) are by Add (http://www.adddown.it/?lang=en). The long black one easily folds into my suitcase. Best pair of lightweight but very warm and stylish anow leggings and pants I have are from Spyder.
  • R English
    Feb. 03, 2014
    No edit option on comments--*It* fits.
  • Tawna Allred
    Feb. 03, 2014
    No mocking from the frigid Rockies in Wyoming. If I see you in Dallas for MBA, you can mock me because it will be May. You guys will be enjoying a beautiful spring, and it will still be snowing up here. Great find on the snow pants, BTW. Those things get pricey! As for the pants, I only have one thing to say. Embrace the tights; love the tights; become one with the tights. Your life will never be the same again :). Happy Monday!
  • Edyta
    Feb. 03, 2014
    Love the snow angels, so cute! Glad you guys are safe and get to enjoy this weather :) Stay warm! xx
  • Trim Queen
    Feb. 04, 2014
    Traci, these storms are bitter sweet! My kids are not snow bunnies so last about a half hour sledding in the cold stuff. But we survive on playing restaurant and making a home disco with my handy dandy strobe light. I fit in drips and drabs of work during movie time and in the end, I should just shelf it. Enjoy the flakes and live it up! We're expecting more Wed, oyvay!
  • Maria Killam
    Feb. 04, 2014
    Hahahaha, such a fun post Traci, I just love your sense of humour!! xo Maria

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