October 7, 2011

holy schmoly

Holy schmoly am I tired!   It has been quite a week.  Were you wondering what happened to me?

This little guy had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  Twin brother stayed with Grammy and Pop-Pop so Mommy could spend some one-on-one time … and that’s exactly what I did.  Other than to get popsicles, I’m not certain that we moved off the sofa for several days.  It felt a bit like having newborns again — back then, they ate at 2, 5, 8 and 11, am and pm — only this time it was pain meds at 2, 6 and 10, am and pm.  He’s a tough little buddy, though, and is feeling much better now.

I also prepped for a photo shoot, which happened this morning.  Dustin Peck — our very talented photographer –was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to another shoot with him later this month.  I love how this light commercial project turned out — it’s a waiting room and eyeglass studio for an optometry office — and I’m excited to share it with you.  Of course, I managed to find a pair of sunglasses while I was there.  Exactly why is it that — of the wide selection in all price points — I was drawn to the Gucci ones??  Um-huh.

Another client and I made our decision on the final few fabrics going into the “big boy” room for her absolutely beyond darling twin boys.  This is just a teensy sneak peek, and I promise you aren’t even getting the best of it.  I design for many families with multiple birth children … because, as a mom to rambunctious twin boys, I know how to create a beautiful home that is “twin-tested and mom-approved!”

Oh, and by the way, these Moroccan pouf ottomans — so not yellow.  Can you say “creamy beige?”  Disclaimer:  Perhaps you’ll get yellow ottomans if you order the “same” thing from a different source!

Last but certainly not least, did you see the news??   I was selected as a finalist in the Hickory Chair Centennial Design Challenge for my reinterpretation of the Suzanne Kasler Tuxedo Armoire as a sideboard and/or media cabinet.  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for my design and to the judges!

Bon week-end, everyone!   Do you have anything fun planned?


  • sherry hart
    Oct. 07, 2011
    Sorry for the little one :( Hope he feels better soon.....and congrats on being a finalist! That is awesome.
  • Jennifer
    Oct. 07, 2011
    I'm glad to hear that your little man is feeling better!! What a trooper:) And congratulations on being a finalist in the Hickory Chair Challenge...you go girl!! Jen
  • Marianne {Style For Living}
    Oct. 07, 2011
    You have certainly been busy! Glad your little one is feelings better now. So excited you have been chosen as a finalist!!! Fingers crossed for you!
  • Sheila Zeller
    Oct. 08, 2011
    Awe, sending you big hugs! Enough to share with your little buddy... and a popsicle too :-) Congratulations on being one of the finalists... can't wait to see your name at the top! Have a recharging weekend Traci. xo Sheila
  • diane
    Oct. 08, 2011
    I am so glad your little boy is feeling better. It hurts us just as much as it hurts them doesnt it? My daughter was just in a terrible auto accident and I would have traded places with her any time and she is 23!! Also, congrats on your finalist nomination. I voted for you and hope hope you go all the way. have a wonderful weekend. diane
  • pve
    Oct. 10, 2011
    traci- poor little patient - but bravo to you for being there to nurse him along and bravo to you on being selected as a finalist too. I think you deserve a pair of gucci sunglasses now OO!. I voted for you too. pve
  • Tawna Allred
    Oct. 10, 2011
    Congrats! I'm so happy you've been selected as a finalist! And I'm glad your little one is feeling better :).
  • designchic
    Oct. 10, 2011
    Well deserved...thrilled you're a finalist!! Glad your little one it on the mend...
  • Karena
    Oct. 10, 2011
    Oh Traci I am so sorry about your little guy!! You have been busy though!! I love your choices and look forward to seeing more of your latest work! Oh and I have a new giveaway as well! xoxo Karena Art by Karena
  • Bringing Pretty Back
    Oct. 10, 2011
    Traci- AWW! That poor little guy! And poor momma! I am glad he is doing well! That is so great you are a finalist! CONGRATULATIONS! And , the photo shoot- how cool! Kristin
  • quintessence
    Oct. 10, 2011
    The adenoids are the easy part - recovering from a tonsillectomy at any age is tough!! He'll be good as new soon and his life will be so much "clearer"!! Big congrats on the challenge news. Hope you'll keep us posted as to the next phase!!
  • Lori @ Lori May Interiors
    Oct. 12, 2011
    What a crazy week you've had! Glad to hear your little guy is on the mend. Congrats on being a finalist and thanks for the etsy info that you sent the other day! I really appreciate it!
  • Eddie Ross
    Oct. 15, 2011
    Love the yellow zig-zag material. We used that on a recent project and loved how it turned out! Hope you're having a great weekend. xo E + J

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