October 18, 2010

can nice things and small children co-exist?


Can nice things and small children co-exist … peacefully?  I think that may be “a question for the ages!”

Well, one of my favorite blogger friends – Kirsten of 6th Street Design School – set out to answer that question … and many more.  She assembled an all-star team of designers … who also happen to be moms.

Good Design Contributors

Check out this amazing group of women.  I was so honored to be included!  All week, we’ll be sharing our experiences – and giving our kid-tested advice – so pop over to Kirsten to see what we have to say.  I know from experience that the best advice comes from other moms, so I’m looking forward to learning a few more secrets myself.  Nothing beats “been there, done that.”

Twin Boys Love Toilet Paper

After all, when asked, my children (now four years old) respond that they are both twin tornadoes and double trouble!

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  • Deb
    Oct. 19, 2010
    oooh that picture is too cute Traci!

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