June 25, 2011

and … back to me

Did my unannounced little blogcation make you wonder?  I was just not myself this week.  After a bout of food poisoning (or perhaps a 24-hour virus) in Chicago over the weekend, de-programming my twinnies from “Camp Grammy (and Pop-Pop),” a day trip to ADAC and a migraine during the week, I was quite unproductive — and the blog suffered the most.  Nonetheless, it hasn’t been all bad!

Do you recognize the girl at the beginning of this video from Blogfest 2011?  Yep, that’s me.  Do you think this is my fifteen seconds of fame?  I’d like to point out that when Thom — who is just as charming as he has always been — started to make small talk,  I basically said “no, buddy, look at the camera again ’cause I need a photo.”  I do this all for you, folks.  Hahahaha!

Thursday was my birthday … and my sweet husband indulged me by agreeing to purchase these fabu nightstands from Hillary ThomasTastemaker Container Sale on One Kings Lane.  They are on their way … and I am so excited!!  I’ll be using them in our guest room to replace some inexpensive Pottery Barn tables (which were even more inexpensive because I scored them at the Gaffney outlet).  Never fear, I’ll be repurposing the PB tables in my sister’s house … which is often the landing ground for my furniture shuffling.  At least my change-averse kiddos know where to visit the furniture they miss!

Eventually, the nightstands will live next to a Crate & Barrel Colette Bed — well-known and loved throughout the blogosphere.  I may be the only girl in my house, but I’m getting a girly room somewhere!  My Chesley McLaren painting lives in the guest room so I think it’s appropriate … and you may remember that I recently painted the adjoining bathroom.

The week wrapped up by installing Roman shades made out of this Barclay Butera for Kravet fabric (Somerset in Hickory) in a newly renovated kitchen.  The photo does not do this fabric justice; it is really beautiful.  The kitchen looks amazing — and hopefully I’ll have it professionally photographed soon.

I think that’s all from me.  Have a great weekend … and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Video from Kravet via YouTube.  Photos from One Kings Lane, Crate & Barrel and Kravet.


  • Cheryl
    Jun. 25, 2011
    Hope you are definitely on the mend by now. Gorgeous bed -- going to make the switch from wood bed frame to upholstered bed frame soon. I've been 'on the hunt' -- maybe a Ballard upholstered headboard though I'd prefer the Colette! Giving away our massive wood headboard, sides and footboard tomorrow to someone who will so love it.
  • pve
    Jun. 26, 2011
    Happy Birthday and love all the perfect furnishings for your bedroom! Dreamy! Enjoy those twins piling up on you in that big bed!!! I miss those days. pve
  • Sarah (MoS)
    Jun. 26, 2011
    You got them! YAY!!! Hope your bday was fab!
  • Sherri Cassara
    Jun. 26, 2011
    Hi Traci, I'm glad you are feeling better - what a week huh? No, I don't think this is your 15 min. of fame... just a preview. I see way bigger things for you ;) Love your new bed (I have the matching chairs) and I smiled about your furniture going to your sister (and your kids visiting it). I usually give my hand-me-downs to a couple of friends - although my mom has enough of my past living in her house as well and my kids (and husband) have learned not to get too attached to anything! Hope this week is much better for you! xo Sherri
  • Meghan Blum
    Jun. 26, 2011
    Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry it was such a hectic week for you!
  • Marianne {Style For Living}
    Jun. 27, 2011
    Happy Birthday my dear friend! And, to top it off with those fab night stands. What a treat! They will look perfect next to the Colette bed. xo
  • Stacy Naquin
    Jun. 28, 2011
    I would LOVE to sleep in your Colette Guest Bed!!! It's gorgeous!
  • Laura
    Jun. 29, 2011
    Glad you are back and feeling better! Love your birthday gift and can't wait to see the room completed! I need to start blogging again- it's so hard to get back in it when you have been out of it for so long.
  • sherry hart
    Jun. 29, 2011
    Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe you were at ADAC...I live less than a mile for there...please call me next time you are in A town!
  • Pretty Pink Tulips
    Jun. 29, 2011
    First off, happy birthday my fellow Junebug! Isn't being 29 (again) just fabulous?!! I'm so sorry you have been having such a tough week....I hope all is better now and that you feel back to your fabulous self. LOVE that video - you are a Blogstar!!!! xoxo Elizabeth

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