I’m so grateful for some awesome mentions lately, and I owe a thank you to the wonderfully kind blogs and websites who have featured me!

iVillage included me in a super cool slideshow that highlighted its 15 Favorite Home Design Boards on Pinterest.   It’s no surprise that they tagged my winning Style Spotters board from April’s High Point Market, because I was able to spot some incredible new products.  Thanks again for all of your votes!  To see what I pin throughout the year — and I’m a selective pinner, so I won’t be flooding your stream — simply go to my main Pinterest page and follow all of my boards.

Then Loop du Loop tagged me as one of their five favorite Pinterest boards … with Pulp Design Studios, Elle Decor, Rue Magazine and Emily Henderson.  Gulp.  I’m happy just to breathe the same air that they do!  Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.  BIG honor.  What means even more to me is how they described what I do:  “Traci Zeller’s design work celebrates and embraces living with children — in other words, the interior designer and mom of two most likely won’t include a $30K white sofa in her design sketches. Key into her Pinterest boards for her take on current trends and hot colors.”

Sing it, sisters.  Chic can co-exist with six year-old twin boys.  If you are picturing Nerf guns and Icee mustaches, you’ve got it just about right.  Please do not tell my boys that there’s an Icee Locator app for the iPhone.  Anyhoo, Loop du Loop is a new lifestyle site for millenial moms.   It brings the best “mom news” from around the web together in one place, so you’ll find plenty of interesting info.  Like the dude who got arrested for shouting — at a Christmas parade of all places — that Santa isn’t real.  He should consider himself lucky that he wasn’t tarred and feathered.  The moms in attendance were setting good examples for their children!  

There’s also a fabulous holiday slideshow on iVillage that features Christmas trees designed by some incredible interior designers and bloggers, including Stacy Naquin, Ann McDonald, and Emily Clark.  I’ll share more of my Christmas decorations next week, but you’ll have to head to iVillage for a sneak peek.   Until then, here’s one of my favorite versions of a front door wreath!

Where do you find inspiration?

Don’t forget that you can enter my amazing giveaway — free admission to Design Camp in Atlanta — every day between yesterday and December 5th, simply by leaving a comment on this or any other blog post during that time.  Now that will be some serious inspiration!!

Rendering and wreath photos by Traci Zeller Designs.  Quote via Mommy OM

20 responses to “do you need inspiration?”

  1. Nancy says:

    Design Camp entry # 2! Pick me!!!
    I do need inspiration right now, and love your drawing and wreath! congrats on your well-deserved props Traci!!!! so proud of your accomplishments! Going to look at iVillage right now.
    xo Nancy

  2. Sarah says:

    I haven’t looked at iVillage before – will check it out! And I totally agree that twins and chic can totally co-exist!

  3. Tawna Allred says:

    Congrats! I’ve followed all the High Point pics on Pinterest and Twitter, because that’s how I have to see them right now. I second the need for more kid friendly interiors…we’ve come a long way with design/products so we can have stylish homes and embrace life at the same time.

  4. Emily Clark says:

    Congrats on all of the well-deserved recognition! Exciting stuff :)

    (And, thanks for the link!)

  5. I third the need for more kid-friendly designs. It’s a ridiculous notion that style savy families should have to choose between high design or a happy family home. And thats why we’re so thrilled to have found Traci. She is a breath of fresh air!

  6. Ann McDonald says:

    Traci – how cool! Your boards and design style are so chic!! Thank you for the shout on the trees – and I look forward to seeing your Holiday Decor!! I miss the days with young ones…teenagers are fine, but oh the delight for all things Holiday when they are tots. xo Ann McD

  7. Laura Nutter says:

    pinterist is such a great source for inspiration. I love looking through my favorite designers pins!

  8. Hi Traci! I’m not a big blog “commenter” so don’t think for one minute that I am not admiring you from afar!!

    Kelly and I really want to go to Design Camp but have some exciting things we’re introducing next year that have really tapped our funds. Would love to attend, especially since it’s in Atlanta!!!

  9. Kudos, Traci! That’s wonderful – look forward to seeing your Christmas decor :)

  10. Andrea Brooks says:

    You’re a rock star!! xoxo

  11. Liz Carroll says:

    Congrats Traci!!! Well deserved!!

  12. Maria Killam says:

    Congrats it’s well deserved! x Maria

  13. Katie says:

    So exciting! Looking forward to checking out your Pinterest boards-

  14. Heather says:

    I would LOVE to head to design camp! GREAT giveaway.
    And congrats on all the excellent mentions!

  15. Annie says:

    Much congrats my friend!! Still wishin’ and hopin’ I get to be your buddy for design camp!

  16. Congrats Traci, so exciting for you! And you deserve it! Design Camp would be awesome to attend. Thanks for the opportunity of an awesome giveaway!!


  17. Hi Traci! Love your boards…so much great inspiration. Hope all is well with you and happy holidays!

    E + J

  18. Oh boy, hold me back! Tarred and feathered is just a starting point :-@ But, moving right along… I am loving the Z wreath! It’s the perfect inspiration for me 😉 And since I haven’t actually started yet, there’s hope for it to be done! Thanks, Traci!

  19. Kimberly K. says:

    Can’t wait to follow you on Pinterest! Congrats on the honor!