March 2, 2011

“word to the wise” wednesday: nina campbell

 However bad things are outside, if you can have a delicious bath and climb into a crisp, pretty bed, everything feels better.

—  Nina Campbell (Domino, March 2009)

It’s been a rocky week in the Zeller house!  We’ve all been sick, and last night I was in the pediatric urgent care with one of my twinnies … who turned out to be suffering with a double ear infection.  While we waited for his prescription at the Harris Teeter pharmacy, I picked up exactly what Mommy needed to feel better – a new Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine, a dozen pale pink tulips and a Cadbury Creme Egg.  The Easter candy arrived at the Teeter just in time!  I’ll admit that the hot shower and crisp sheets also helped.

What is your favorite little pick-me-up?


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