July 13, 2011

“word to the wise” wednesday: markham roberts

TVs are so good-looking now, we don’t have to hide them.  This means we no longer have to measure out niches or construct hideously huge mechanized ottomans at the foot of the bed that lift up the television like Dracula’s coffin lid. … I think there’s a generational divide, but only for the TVs – old, unsightly ones need to be hidden and the new young ones deserve to be adored.

Markham Roberts (House Beautiful, May 2011)


  • Amanda
    Jul. 13, 2011
    Totally agree...It took me awhile to find the one in that room! It was a slick one!
  • diane
    Jul. 13, 2011
    Interesting...this one seems to be so badly placed what with the glare from the window and the uncomfortable position most people would have to be in in this room to view the TV. I wonder why he didnt just place it above the fireplace. I do agree with him, though, that with no wires to worry about it is much easier to design around them.

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