December 1, 2010

“word to the wise” wednesday: deborah berke

The hardest [room] for me [to design] now is the living room.  In my house the library/family room is the one with lots of books and a big sofa and a big TV.  But as the way we engage all these various media changes, the rooms in which we hang out are changing.  In the past, we did houses with dens and libraries and media rooms.  As people become more interested in having smaller homes, those hang-out spaces are turning into one room.  Now it’s about how much of the room’s wall space is devoted to the TV screen, to books, to art, to windows.

Deborah Berke, architect (quoted in Elle Decor, November 2010)


  • Diana Mieczan
    Dec. 02, 2010
    So true...People go for smaller houses nowadays...I really love this chair..Its so stylish Btw: I found you on twitter Kisses, my dear
  • AB HOME Interiors
    Dec. 02, 2010
    Yes I agree the living room can be challenging. But I always put the TV last. Books, art and family photos come first. If there happens to be room for a TV then great!

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