May 15, 2013

“word to the wise” wednesday: barbara barry

I believe pattern is created by the ‘stuff’ of life.  So I like to have a more quiet backdrop.  I walk into a room and imagine you wearing red, you having a friend over, the food you’re serving, the books, the artwork, the children, the pets — all those things, I’m aware of in the beginning.  I love having less in a room, but if you can afford it, get the finest.

Barbara Barry (House Beautiful, December/January 2013).

Life with twins, triplets or more definitely creates lots of pattern!  Of course, that may make it more difficult to afford the finest … but we can all enjoy beauty.  Stylists have coined a phrase for that undecorated-yet-gorgeous look: a “beautiful mess.”

What’s your favorite “beautiful mess?”  I just know you won’t say Legos.  


  • pve
    May. 15, 2013
    I think my beautiful mess just walked in the door from completing his sophomore year at college and although his room looks like a bomb went off, I am so happy twin b. is home. Twin a has 4 more weeks to go at his college. pve
  • Jen
    May. 15, 2013
    Ahhh... So true the beautiful mess from college. Mine graduated on Thursday and will be home soon!! It's the best mess ever I have to agree. The second best beautiful mess would be our two dogs who love to jump in the water and then roll in the dirt . Good times ~
  • Liz Carroll
    May. 15, 2013
    Love this quote from BB! Really good insight and perspective. Makes me feel better about my "beautiful mess". :)

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