January 11, 2012

“word to the wise” wednesday: alexa hampton

When people ask me how I juggle these things, I simply say I’m able to do it all because I don’t like to be too good at any one thing.  As soon as I feel like I’m getting too good at any one thing, I add another.  I take on a new project.  Or have another baby.

Alexa Hampton (laughing with Traditional Home, December 2011)

Alexa may be joking, but she clearly likes to challenge herself … which is the only way to grow.  And I’d say she manages to be pretty darn amazing at everything she tackles!

What are you tackling this year?


  • Amanda
    Jan. 11, 2012
    It's good advice...minus the have another baby! DONE.
  • Tawna Allred
    Jan. 11, 2012
    I listed my "goals" this year a few posts ago......there was a call for a design mentor :). What do you think? Smiles.......
  • Holly
    Jan. 11, 2012
    Working at organized chaos this year for me!! Not adding another baby to the mix yet.
  • Michele
    Jan. 11, 2012
    Tackling blogging for the first time! Thanks for the inspiration. I love your "Everybody's Favorite Everything" posts.
  • Amanda Burdge
    Jan. 11, 2012
    Ha! Love it I can relate to the bouncing around thing. So do that! How are you? Hows the mentorship program going with TF? Lots of big changes on my end and this year is proving to be great!
  • Lori @ Lori May Interiors
    Jan. 11, 2012
    I remember reading her quote and smiling to myself. What a fabulous way to put it!

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