August 23, 2009

“word to the wise” wednesday: karen carroll

Now here’s a design philosophy that I can get on board with.  How refreshing to read this from an editor of a major shelter magazine!

[I]n the real world, outside the design-magazine bubble, I prefer to avoid saying that the light fixture someone has just purchased is now a bit overexposed or that this style rug should stay and that one must go because it’s currently out of favor with the decorating gods.  Because truly, none of that really matters if you love it.”

“While there are certainly always new products and trends that capture our attention, we try to bring you the ones we think will endure beyond a turn in the calendar year or a fickle heart, because we firmly believe in the value of design that lasts.  More important, the real key to having a home you think is beautiful is surrounding yourself with whatever speaks to you, regardless of what the latest big thing may be.” – Karen Carroll, editor of Southern Accents (July/August 2009 issue)

I couldn’t agree more!  While we all want to stay current, that shouldn’t come at the expense of your comfort or style.  In my view, the most important design feature of a home is that the owners love and feel comfortable in their space.

Of course, it just figures that Southern Accents would be the latest victim of this economy; Time, Inc. announced earlier this month that it would shutter Southern Accents magazine. will remain online, however, so at least that is some small consolation.

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  • sarah devaney-o’neil
    Nov. 14, 2010
    This is so true; it is a lesson that was taught to me many, many, many years ago and one that I emphasize to my customers all the time. I always tell them, "if you trust yourself and buy only if you LOVE it, you will be amazed at how well it all comes together"

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