August 3, 2011

the dog days of summer

You guessed it.  I’m still busy, busy, busy.  But not too busy to visit my fab friends, Elise and Mae, over at Here in This House.

They are having a few bloggers over to share what home projects are keeping them in the AC and out of the heat!  Of course, you know I always have a few of my own (to the great chagrin of my change-averse Twin B) … and if you’ve been south of the Mason-Dixon line, you also know it is pretty darn oppressive outside right now.  Scratch that – it is hot as heck everywhere.  Sounds like perfect timing for a home improvement project to me!

So exactly when does fall start again???


  • Amanda
    Aug. 03, 2011
    Oh I am not sure I am ready for fall yet...I swear it feels like it just got warm here :)
  • Splendid Willow
    Aug. 03, 2011
    Hi fab Traci, Thank you for your nice comment re: Prince William's bedroom. You are always so supportive! I tried to leave a comment over at Mustard Ceiling, but it wouldn't let me! Your boys are so handsome and what a blessing to have Camp Grammy as part of their upbringing! We are right now in Oregon enjoying the sand dunes and horsebackriding on the beach! Our family camp! I will pop over to today's guest post and see if I have better luck. Warm hugs to you, Mon
  • Marianne {style for living}
    Aug. 04, 2011
    Love, love, love what you're doing with the guest room! I think I'd fit right in at your house! Looking forward to seeing it come together. xo
  • Lisa Mende
    Aug. 06, 2011
    traci, i tried to comment to your sweet comment about my blog about my trip to china and couldn't! thank you so much for your kind words. i love your blog.
  • Mae @ Here in This House
    Aug. 08, 2011
    Thanks for posting with us, Traci! Love having you over on our blog - though I'd rather see you in person! ;-) Thanks again!

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