January 25, 2015

sunday’s gratitude: thankfulness as a drug

If Thankfulness Were a Drug QuoteFascinating, right? According to Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy, head of the divison of biologic psychology at Duke University Medical Center, gratitude truly makes a difference in our health. And not just our mental health! Our physical health is at stake, too. Read the entire article here.

On the subject of gratitude, I am grateful for my fantastic blog readers! Congratulations to Amanda, who will receive a digital copy of Eco-Happy: A Simple Guide Toward an Earth-Friendly Life, and Katie, who will receive a downloadable art print from Maidservant of Encouragement.


  • Fashion-isha
    Jan. 25, 2015
    Hi Traci, I'm grateful for all the positive messages I read on your blog! I hope you have a wonderful week! xo Sharon
  • Loretta Fontaine | EcoHappy Style
    Jan. 30, 2015
    Traci- Just saw this! Congrats to Amanda and Katie! I can't wait to see what Amanda thinks of my book, and thanks for encouraging me to complete this very personal project and help me spread my green word! SO grateful for all your support! Loretta p.s. sending you a New Year's Card (better late than never!) in the mail today! :)

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