May 5, 2013

sunday dreaming: tomorrow vs. forever

You should read this blog post and its follow-up from my Adamsleigh-partner-in-crime, Lisa Mende.  They touched my heart, and I know they will yours, too.

On a related note, my sweet little buddies turned seven years old last week.  I’m not really sure how that’s possible.  What I am sure about is this:  I am trying to breathe in their littleness every day … because there’s not much of it left.  Sniff, sniff.

I skipped “Meet the Designers” at Adamsleigh to celebrate their birthday … because — as Tobi so aptly pointed out — even with this sometimes-crazy life, I really am living the my dream.  If you skipped a visit to Adamsleigh — the Traditional Home showhouse sponsored by the Junior League of Greensboro — for any reason, be sure to check out the amazing photos on Traditional Home’s Adamsleigh Pinterest board.

Do you dream forever and live today?

Graphic via My Dear Valentine.  

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  • Emily Clark
    May. 05, 2013
    Love this post--love Lisa's posts. I've been studying my kids' faces a little closer while they're talking to me :) I would've loved to have gone to see your room, but there's no way to get away. It looks stunning.

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