October 31, 2011

my secret identity

… mom to Captain America and Iron Man!

Isn’t this hilarious?  I must admit that I really, really, really — and I mean, really — dislike character apparel.  You won’t find Diego, Spider-Man, or Tigger in the twinnies’ closet … at least not while I still pick out their clothes.  I can’t even explain why I don’t like characters on clothing.  It’s just not my thing.  In years past, Pottery Barn Kids has been my best friend for costumes … and the boys have always dressed alike.  But when the Halloween pop-up shop opened in the shopping center near our house — where we eat all the time, grocery shop, and have their hair cut — I was done for.  There’s nothing like a 12 foot Frankenstein and a cackling rocking witch to draw a kid’s attention.  And my little buddies love their costumes so much … that I’m actually kind of into the characters, too.  That’s just between us, OK?

Have fun tonight, friends, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!


  • Sara
    Oct. 31, 2011
    I am with you on the character thing. It was only allowed in our house as pajamas. They look adorable though. Be glad they are not 8 like my son and will only go as something gory and scary. My days of a cute little fireman or pirate are over!
  • Sarah (MoS)
    Oct. 31, 2011
    They are precious!!! Hope they get lots of sweet treats tonight:)
  • Sheila @ SZInteriors
    Oct. 31, 2011
    Have fun Traci - their smiles say it all!
  • The Vintique Object
    Oct. 31, 2011
    Your little super heroes look so strong and hero-y! They obviously are really into their costumes, so what the heck? I know how you feel, though. We don't do characters at our house either, and I'm trying really hard to reduce exposure to the princess thing, but I just know that come next year, one of my will ask to be a princess! Camille
  • Marianne {Style For Living}
    Oct. 31, 2011
    The boys look adorable! Plus, they look so happy in their costumes. Hope they have a great time tonight and get lots and lots of candy! xo
  • Debbie Grieshaber
    Oct. 31, 2011
    They're the cutest heroes I've ever seen! ! ! However, I did assume you had nothing to do with the costumes this year. Thought Daddy must have taken them - HA!
  • Sarah
    Oct. 31, 2011
    CUTE!!! On an unrelated note, I love the frame holder I spy in the background. Would you mind sharing where that's from? xo- Sarah
  • Lori @ Lori May Interiors
    Nov. 01, 2011
    They are adorable! I'm sure you all had a blast. It was fun times with my little vampire and Cleopatra as well. (They just picked out the costumes they thought were the prettiest as the store. I guess we've moved on from the princesses!) Take care!
  • Maria Killam
    Nov. 01, 2011
    So awesome! Love your secret identity :) x maria
  • Stacy Naquin
    Nov. 01, 2011
    I'm cracking up!!! I second the forbidden character attire....I swore I would NEVER buy those light up shoes for my son or velcro either (succeeded!)

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