March 15, 2011

kids say the darndest things

It is so much fun being a designer and a “boy mom.”  My twins are such little boys – they love their trucks and often pretend to be police officers – but they naturally mimic what they see … and what they see is a designing woman!  I am constantly cracking up at the funny things they say and do.  For instance, Twin A’s preschool teacher told me that she could tell I was a designer because, when every other child made a red or green tree at Christmas, Twin A chose silver sparkles.   Twin B, however, seems to be the king of the one-liner.  To wit …

Shopping at West Elm and buying this bathmat for his bathroom … “That is going to be really cute!”

Reacting to my plans for these ottomans …  “Ooooohh, orange ostrich!”

Bill Sofield Tusk Table Baker FurnitureRunning to tell me how he got his latest boo-boo …  “Mommy, I hurt my leg on your pretty little table!”

See why I’m always cracking up?  Oh, and the leopard upholstery on the ottomans was fabulous.  But the texture was never quite the same after an unfortunate incident involving my parents’ Yorkie.  Oops.  I promise the orange ostrich looks amazing.  And that living room isn’t mine … although I wish it were!

Do you think I have a future designer on my hands?

Photos from West Elm, moi and Baker Furniture.


  • Luciane at
    Mar. 15, 2011
    Traci, I didn't know you had twins! How old are they? I also have 2 kids (almost only 16 months apart). But I also had to change 2 diapers, feed both of them at the same time (my food was always cold on my plate!). :-) It was a lot of work, but I understand that having 2 newborns at the same time would be much harder. :-) I can't believe your little one said "your pretty little table"!!! That's hilarious! :-) Yes, they do say somethings that we just can't believe. The worse is when they say something that you usually say and don't notice that isn't really cool, but just realize that when you hear your kid saying the same thing. Like, sometimes I say " Stop doing like that, this is not a smart thing to do". Yeah.. not very nice. Especially when your kid say that to YOU! LOL Lesson learned! :-) Have a wonderful day, Traci and thank you so much for your email! xo Luciane at
  • Marianne (Style For Living)
    Mar. 15, 2011
    Hysterical! I think they are on their way to becoming mini designers.
  • Talitha
    Mar. 15, 2011
    Too funny, but they definitely get it honestly! C&E knew colors like fuschia and chartreuse not long after their basics, so I can certainly sympathize with the familiarity of the trade. Great post and the blog looks beautiful!
  • Sarah
    Mar. 15, 2011
    Hilarious! Write all the funny things down!!!

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