February 28, 2012

are you everywhere or nowhere?

I am delighted to be speaking on Thursday as part of Unity in Design at High Point Design Center.  Unity in Design is a fantastic three-day educational and networking event for design professionals and students.  A big thanks to the ZAAR Design Center and Antiques by Zaar for hosting the lunch and inviting me to present!

My presentation is called “Everywhere and Nowhere: Creating and Maintaining an Online Presence.”  With the ever-changing social media landscape, the challenge for designers is to be “everywhere” … or at least seem like it.  If you aren’t using social media, it could quickly seem — to an outsider, at least — like you are “nowhere” … no matter how talented you are.

The especially fun part of Thursday is that there will be a big contingent of interior design students from High Point University.  I’m still tweaking my presentation, but I definitely want to include relevant tips for those who have not yet begun their career journey.

So over to you — what’s your best social media tip?  And what advice would you give an interior design student today?

If you are a design professional or student, registration for the speaking events is still open — so don’t miss out!

Social Media Monopoly designed by Crystal Gibson via Mashable.com. Google Before You Tweet available at I Love Typography store.  asdfghjkilove.tumblr.com quote via LOLROFLMAO.


  • Kristin@ Bring Pretty Back
    Feb. 28, 2012
    They are lucky to have you as as a speaker!!! Have a pretty day! Kristin
  • Holly
    Feb. 29, 2012
    First, congrats on your presentation and I can't wait to hear more about it. And such a relevant topic that you're presenting as well. This is tough...but if I had to decide on one tip to summarize my thoughts on social media it's to time block. Time block the amount of time you spend on Twitter, FB, Pinterest, blogs, etc. It's so easy to get stuck and spend hours, but in order to discipline yourself you really need to set aside a certain amount of time per day, and then commit yourself to the rest of the work that needs to be done. Easier said then done because I'm still trying to practice this as well. Looking forward to hearing about your presentation Traci!
  • Sheila @ SZInteriors
    Feb. 29, 2012
    Way to go, Traci! I just this minute finished reading a blog post by Kristie over at The Decorologist. http://thedecorologist.com/wp/the-real-question-is-who-are-you-willing-to-disappoint? The question, who are you willing to disappoint? may be pertinent to your topic. Good luck with your presentation!
  • diane
    Feb. 29, 2012
    congrats Traci. I am sure you will do well and the students are lucky to have you. One social media tip I would have is to stick with it. Seeing growth on facebook, twitter and your blog that results in more jobs, higher sales etc takes time and diligence and lots of patience. And remember to comment, comment, comment and respond to any comments, likes etc. After all, if you don't it's like not saying hello to someone you run into on the streets. Good luck!

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