September 15, 2010

“word to the wise” wednesday: paul demartini

The new way to decorate is all about the right mix. Old with new, smooth with textured, high with low. Nothing should appear too staged or look like it was done in one day. A room can have a sense of history and change. I enjoy the unexpected, like vases with single branches found in your yard instead of flowers, or many small tables used as a coffee table.

— Paul Demartini, head of visual merchandising for west elm and Williams-Sonoma Home


  • Eddie Ross
    Sep. 16, 2010
    Love your advice in this post. Great images too! E+J
  • Emily A. Clark
    Sep. 17, 2010
    Traci--That's a bummer about the Nate show! Wish you could go. I'm thinking of going to Homearama the morning of the 28th, btw, in case you're interested.
  • The Zhush
    Sep. 17, 2010
    Completely agree as well! All about the mix and I am in love with trifecta of fabulosity desk...just gorgeous!

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