January 29, 2014

“word to the wise” wednesday: lillian august

I love the [faux] hydrangeas and topiaries.  If you’re arranging silk flowers, stay with one species for the most realistic bouquets.

Lillian August (Traditional Home, April 2013)

How do you feel about faux flowers?  As much as I love fresh flowers, I understand that there is a time and a place for faux … and in the dregs of winter seems like as good of a time as any!  Lillian’s advice is spot-on — because there’s nothing worse than “bad faux.”

NDI — which makes such incredibly realistic bouquets that you have to touch them to tell the difference! — was a generous sponsor of the Traditional Home showhouse at Adamsleigh.  Many designers choose to use faux flowers in showhouses, because fresh arrangements would not last for the duration of the showhouse.  Especially helpful if the showhouse isn’t climate-controlled.  Just ask Lisa about our dead flower disaster.  

Do you recognize this gorgeous room — designed by Eric Cohler — that graced the cover of Traditional Home’s October 2013?  Well, unless you read the resource section, I bet you didn’t realize those hydrangeas were an NDI arrangement.

Simple + beautiful + practical = BIG WIN!


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