November 6, 2013

“word to the wise” wednesday: jay shafer

Jay Shafer Zinn Four Lights Tiny House Company

What I’m really advocating is reducing — considering how little you can live with.  Most people need less than they think they do.  When everything in your immediate environment is essential, life itself feels more essential.  My passion is figuring out what can be reduced while maintaining enough roominess so that it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

Jay Shafer (House Beautiful, July/August 2013)

I am soooo fascinated with the tiny houses designed by Jay Shafer of Four Lights Tiny House Company.  I’ve always said that I could personally live in an teensy New York apartment … but that’s not quite as easy with twins.   Yet Jay’s houses make even big city apartments look palatial.  The Zinn, pictured above, is ninety-eight square feet.  No, I did not leave off any numbers.

How is this possible?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Photo of the Zinn design by Four Lights Tiny House Company


  • Ruthie Staalsen
    Nov. 06, 2013
    This is fascinating! I would love to take a peek in the front door. I remember when I was 10 leaving S. Africa with my parents to join missions. My dad had owned a business and it was extremely successful. They sold everything (cars, homes, etc.) and we left with no belongings except our clothing. I look back at that now and just can't imagine how my parents did that with 3 kids. As we got settled in our new homes, all over the world, my mom always managed to set up home beautifully. We accumulated more essentials and our home always felt cozy and comfortable because we had all we "needed." Today, it has influenced how I look at life and also inspired me to start my Interior Design business 10 years ago. I believe any home can be fabulous no matter what you have, it just takes creativity and extreme contentment.
  • Tawna Allred
    Nov. 06, 2013
    My goal in life is to live simply :).

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