January 5, 2014

sundays with joy: your decision

Joy Is A DecisionGuess who got to make this brave decision yesterday?  My hubby and I had theater tickets — for a show to which we had really been looking forward — last night.  Unfortunately, we missed it.  By a week.  I had written the wrong date on my iPhone calendar.  What a disappointment.

But we had a lovely dinner out, the babysitter had the kiddos in bed, and I enjoyed some quiet time to myself.  I might not always be able to take that in stride, but today, I’m choosing joy.

Graphic by JessicaLynette.com.  


  • Lisa Mende
    Jan. 05, 2014
    Well evidently you didn't see what I posted on my FB wall about who you hang with…looks like you have been hanging out with people who confuse your schedule…hum…haha!! LOL! guilty! glad you had a nice dinner anyway.
  • pve
    Jan. 05, 2014
    I am glad to know that you are "Human"- you've seen that commercial....Your only Human....accidents keep us humble. Glad you are choosing to roll with life and choose the laughter and find the JOY! pve

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