September 28, 2014

sundays with joy: life as a service

Joy Comes from Service TolstoyI wish you could have seen the hullabaloo at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.  Construction is well underway, furniture deliveries and other packages have overtaken the basement, hallways and other common areas, and — out of necessity — the RMH-LI team is communicating by walkie-talkie.  A renovation of this scale is no easy undertaking!  What is truly remarkable, however, is the joy felt throughout the house — despite the chaos of the moment.  Lisa Mende overheard an adorable little girl say to her mommy, “This place is just magical.”  And it is.  It’s magical because it is filled with people working together.  It’s more than a job; it’s a mission.  A mission to help families stay together while kids heal.

What a true privilege to be part of that experience.  Many designers have raised enough money to cover the cost of a family staying in RMD-LI for a year.  Lisa and I aren’t there yet, but we’d like to be.  Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online.

Will you help us?

For coverage of Project Design 2013 (Phase 1 of the remodel), including photos, visit  


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