September 15, 2013

sunday dreaming: keep running

Ones Who Still Believe in DreamsAre you out of breath and still running?  Me, too.  But then — every once in a while — magic happens.  And we just keep running.

Graphic via Enchantment Within the Heart on Tumblr

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  • Kristine
    Sep. 20, 2013
    I can't figure out how to make a comment on the actual post, and when I go to contact page it won't go through, so I am sorry to be asking here, but I am desperate to know the name of the granite in your ever popular kitchen renovation on Foxcroft April 2nd. Can you give me a name of the granite, I am located in Utah and so can't go to the store you referenced. I am trying to make my kitchen have a feel similar to yours.... THanks so much! I love your style

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