February 15, 2011

life’s a blur

I just spent forever (slight exaggeration) cleaning the photos off my phone. See, when I am trying to get something accomplished with my boys in tow, I have to distract them somehow … and it usually means that I hand over my iPhone to one and little point-and-shoot camera to the other so they can take pictures. My little budding photogs have shot Calico Corners, Post & Gray, Front Door Fabrics, Cotswold Marketplace and much more. Karen Saks is probably thanking her lucky stars that they have only set foot in her showroom when I’ve needed to pick up memos.

Most of Henry and Charlie’s photos turn out pretty junky. Every once in a rare while, however, one of them looks kind of cool.

Blurred Christmas Lights

What do you think of this photo of our Christmas tree? I’m tempted to crop it and turn it into some type of DIY artwork. Maybe like this …

Blurred Christmas Lights

Am I crazy?


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