April 2, 2010

it’s friday; i’m in love – sweet yet salty

Have you ever heard of Fran’s Chocolates?  I hadn’t either, until out-of-town friends of ours had a tiny little box of gray salt caramels in dark chocolate tucked away in their refrigerator.  Shortly thereafter, I noticed Fran herself (and the very same caramels) featured in this month’s Martha Stewart Living as one of the Tastemakers – that is, a select group of culinary artisans across the country turning out incredible food.


Just drool over this description from the Fran’s website –“soft, buttery caramel dipped in 64% dark chocolate, finished with a sprinkling of gray sea salt.”   Do you have any idea how incredible that is?  If you haven’t had one, the answer has to be “no” – because the gray salt caramels are literally one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten.  The tiny sprinkling of sea salt on top is the perfect compliment to the sweet, buttery caramel – basically, perfection in a bite.  Decadent.  Divine.  Delicious.  I could go on, but I’m making myself crave another caramel.

Now, having polished off that first little box (not all in one sitting … although I could have!) and working on a new stash generously brought as a hostess gift by the same friends, I am hopeless addicted.  Of course, I’m also thankful that – with pool season quickly approaching – Fran’s Chocolate’s are not more readily available in Charlotte.  Fortunately for me, the caramels are only a phone call away – to our friends, of course!  But – if you aren’t lucky enough to have someone so geographically desirable – Fran’s also takes orders via an 800 number … and will exercise appropriate precautions to ensure that your chocolate arrives safely even in spring and summer’s warm weather.  Trust me – you will not regret ordering.  I would ordinarily suggest that you order several extra boxes to give as little gifts – hostess or otherwise – but I see two main problems with that.  For one, the caramels are designed to be enjoyed by a certain date – presumably so that they are at the peak of their fabulousness – so you wouldn’t want to store the caramels for months at a time.  More significantly, I wouldn’t trust myself to have that many extra boxes in the house.  I’m just guessing that they might somehow disappear prior to said gift-giving occasion!  You, however, may have a little bit more willpower …

Oh, and once you’ve ordered – if you need a little something to tide you over until your package arrives – I highly suggest the sea salt brownie petites at Trader Joe’s.  It’s the same concept, only in baked goods.  Maybe it’s just something about the sea salt?   Whatever it is, I don’t really care.  All I know is that chocolate + sea salt = ecstasy.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to get another caramel …


  • maybelline
    Apr. 04, 2010
    mmmm...sounds delish..i will have to try! hope you had a good Easter with the kids!
  • maybelline
    Apr. 04, 2010
    and hubby too!
  • Hickory Furniture Mart
    Apr. 05, 2010
    Oh, wow. Those looks SO good! We definitely need some of those around the office...

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