March 26, 2010

it’s friday; i’m in love – personalization

As I mentioned last week, my love of personalization isn’t limited to monogramming (clothes, towels, jewelry) or vinyl letters (chalkboard labels, art desks).  Just take a peek at some of these fun things …

Madison Sloan Placemats

Adorable placemats from Madison Sloan

Tervis Tumblers

The famous Tervis Tumblers … keep your hot drinks hotter and your cold drinks colder!  Plus, there’s almost no condensation … which is great for those folks who just can’t remember to use a coaster.


Waterproof stickers – perfect for sippy cups, lunch bags and food containers – with your child’s likeness from Tagums


Self-inking custom stamps for putting your mark on everything from gift tags to books

Fontaine Maury Bamboo Green Melamine Plate

Fontaine Maury Alligator Melamine Plate

Perfectly preppy plates (trying saying that fast three times!) from Fontaine Maury

iomoi links chain coaster

iomoi trays

Glass coasters and lucite trays from iomoi.  Actually, I like everything from iomoi.

Yep, it’s official; I’m addicted!!


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