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Category: TZI Projects

i’m ready for you, 2017!

Ahem. Is this thing on?!?! {throat clearing} Testing 1-2-3, testing 1-2-3. Y'all, I really miss blogging. I know it doesn't look that way, given my lack of posts, but truly there's no other creative outlet quite like this one. J'adore Instagram -- follow me over there, s'il vous plaît? -- but it's …

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hello? is there anybody in there?

I don't listen to Pink Floyd, but somehow that seemed the perfect title to this blog post. I haven't blogged since May. MAY! What on earth? You must have thought I had given up on my little corner of the web, but that's not the case. The truth is simply …

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tzi trend alert: knots

I adore when a timeless design motif is re-thought and re-invented -- and the classic 'knot' motif is popping up in unexpected places this season. The 'knot' is a sophisticated classic -- think Tiffany earrings and cuff links -- yet can also be relaxed and casual, especially in the nautical sense. What is …

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my favorite photo styling props

I think / hope / pray we all know by now that celebrities don't actually look like their magazine photos. Are they gorgeous? Absolutely. Are they flawless?  Of course not. Everyone has a minor -- and, in the case of supermodels and Hollywood's leading actresses, very minor -- "blemish" of some …

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