easy ways to be eco-happy in everyday life

Y’all!  I am so excited that my friend Loretta Fontaine has launched a Kickstarter project to publish her new book, EcoHappy: Three Steps Toward an Earth-Friendly Life.

Maybe it’s the Pollyanna in me, but I believe most people want to do what’s right for the environment … but maybe just don’t know how to go about it.  Either it’s intimidating or time-consuming or … I don’t know what.  No, I am not a carbon-neutral, off-the-grid vegan.  I am far from perfect.  I am a suburban-living, SUV-driving, electricity-loving mom of twins.  But I try — emphasis on try — to minimize my environmental impact by recycling, buying organic and using eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  Could I do more?  Of course.  My sister uses a natural shampoo bar on her hair.  I, on the other hand, have my limits.  Would it be worse if I did nothing?  Absolutely.  

Loretta Fontaine PhotographyStewardship is one of my core values.  To me, that means doing the best job I can with the resources I have.  That’s different for different people … and you won’t get any judgment coming from me.  Unless you have a bumper sticker that says “I love my carbon footprint.”

Eco Happy KickstarterMost importantly, let’s give ourselves a break.  Forget that “all or nothing” mentality, because little things can make a big difference.  And that’s why I think Loretta rocks!  Her philosophy is all about being “eco-happy”  – starting where you are, making small changes, and embracing things that are both fabulous and good for the earth.  Let’s be conscious and stylish!  As a mom, that’s the kind of lesson I want to teach — and the earth I want to leave — for my children.  

Rope by Loretta FontaineIn addition to buying the EcoHappy book on Kickstarter – for as little as $8 – you can also earn some super rewards.  Loretta’s stunning photography is featured throughout the book, and here’s your chance to get a fine art print.  If that doesn’t tempt you, you just may find something else that does.  Don’t delay, though, because the Kickstarter campaign is only active through April 26 (my twinks’ birthday!).

Are you eco-happy? 


dressed to impress with TRADhome

Do you dress to impress?

TRADHome Spring 2014 CoverHigh Point Furniture Market is as close as I get to Fashion Week*, so I’ve been busily sprucing up my wardrobe.  There may be a couple of Addison Weeks pieces winging their way to me!

Addison Weeks Jenkins Clutch Multi PastelI love a well-organized and well-edited closet, and I use an oversized mirror to make sure I’m pulled together before I leave the house.  Unless you catch me at the grocery store around 11 pm … in which case all bets are off.      

Dressed to Impress Article 1But what I’ve never had is a dressing table … which might be why I had such a good time picking out my favorites for the latest issue of TRADhome Magazine!  But first things first — remember Kara Cox’s bedroom in the Traditional Home showhouse at Adamsleigh?  To. Die. For.

Kara Cox Bedroom Photo by Stacey Van BerkelThe bedroom was so beautiful and feminine without being overdone.  No wonder TRADhome picked Kara’s vanity vignette as the leading example!  Oh, and talk about dressed to impress.  Kara is just the cutest.  

Traci Zeller Quote in TRADhome MagIt was such a tough decision, but I chose the Barbara Barry classic from Baker Furniture.

Baker Furniture No 3487 Barbara Barry Dressing TableThe shape is so graceful and beautiful, and — with the variety of available finishes — the vanity can take on just about any personality.  I’m particularly fond of the lacquer finishes, although this fruitwood is yummy.   But you’ll have to read TRADhome Magazine to find out how I’d style it!

Made Goods Sorin DeskMy other two choices were the Cambridge Console by Priley Lane — which Hillary Thomas also chose, so yippee to that! — and the Sorin Desk by Made Goods.  I’m using the Sorin Desk in a still-hush-hush-but-I-can’t-wait-to-share project that will go live in June.  Think fresh, fabulous and floral!

Do you use a dressing table?  Or would you?

* The one exception?  My fabulous trip with Brizo to the Jason Wu fashion show!

TRADhome Magazine’s Early Spring 2014 issue is available here.  “Dressed to Impress” vanity vignette by Kara Cox Interiors; photo by John Bessler for Traditional Home.  Adamsleigh showhouse bedroom by Kara Cox Interiors; photo by Stacey Van Berkel.  Product photos via Addison WeeksBaker Furniture and Made Goods

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