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homearama 2015: framing

Let the fun begin!  When framing starts, it really feels like a house.  And what an amazing house Frank Snodgrass, Arcadia Custom Homes and I are building for Charlotte’s HomeArama 2015!  I truly love watching the day-to-day changes during construction.

FramingThe first floor went up …

HomeArama 2015 2nd Floor Framing… and then the second …

Cheval HomeArama Framing Complete… and — before you know it — you are walking through all of the rooms.

Cheval HomeArama Fireplace Wall 2Shall we head up the (temporary) stairs?

Cheval HomeArama Temporary StaircaseWith four and a half months before HomeArama 2015 opens, I’m now immersed in the countless decorating decisions — but I don’t want you to miss everything that happened earlier.  Stay tuned for another construction update next week!  As always, for real-time updates, follow me on Instagram (@tracizeller).

traci zeller