what’s shaking at studio 202

I think it’s high time for an update on Lisa’s and my hard work on the renovation of our shared design studio.  Thanks to its physical address, we’ve nicknamed it Studio 202.  Someone crank up The Jeffersons’ theme song.

exposed ceiling photoYou’ll remember that we didn’t exactly start with a “deluxe apartment in the sky.”  In fact, this is what we found when we took down those pockmarked acoustical tiles.  Not exactly your dream exposed ceiling, huh?

photo 4-7For the time being, we’ve decided to use smooth tiles in an effort to make the ceiling virtually disappear.  It’s already a lot fresher and brighter inside!  Once the walls are white and the ugly fluorescent lights are gone — soon to be replaced by some faaaabulous pendants — I think we’ll be OK with the ceiling.  If not, we’ll paint it dark, but we’re hoping to stay “light and bright.”

Baseboards InstalledMy favorite part, however, has to be the baseboards.  Rubber baseboards, blech!  We also filled in the “wall gap,” seen from the opposite side in the photo below.

wall gap photoI’m guessing they wanted to preserve the light “streaming” into the inner space, but I just find it awkward.

photo 2-9Once the walls and trim are painted — which is happening today — the Stark sisal goes in, well, “we’re movin’ on up!”

Two quick reminders for y’all:  (1) there’s still time to register for the awesome kitchen design workshop, to be held on April 4, 2014 at the O’Henry Hotel, and (2) hop on over to Lisa’s blog and wish her a very happy birthday!!


sundays with joy: hard work

Life really revs up around market time … and this month is no exception.  Today, I’m reminding myself that there is a certain joy that comes with hard work.

Aristotle on Pleasure and PerfectionIt’s kind of like muscle fatigue after an excellent workout.  You know, hurts so good?  And that’s the only way to see results.  Memo to self:  turn attention to exercise. 

I’m really grateful that I love what I do … and hopefully it shows!      

traci zeller