broyhill reimagines a vintage favorite

Broyhill Mardella Door NightstandHave you heard of Broyhill’s vintage Brasilia collection?  If not, you are either not a Mad Men fan or not a vintage shopper!   As the original brochure circa 1962 explains:

On the heights of a plateau, deserted and desolate, there raises its proud head, the new and majestic Capital of Brazil called “the capital of the year 2,000.”  Brasilia … the city … has revolutionized architecture and vast new horizons of design.  From this inspired dream, Broyhill Premier drew inspiration for the furniture grouping which bears the fine young name: BRASILIA

How hilarious is the comment about “the year 2,000?”  But — more significantly — how cool is that?

Palacio da AlvoradaThe Palácio da Alvorada is just one of the inspiring buildings in Brasilia-the-city, and you can see how the artisans who designed Brasilia-the-furniture replicated some of its design elements.

Brasilia HardwareEven the vintage Brasilia pulls are amazing!

Brasilia Original BrochureNow, motivated by the resurgence of interest in mid-century design, the desire to bring modern function to old creations, and the passion of Brasilia collectors — scouring Craigslist, eBay, Etsy and much more —  Broyhill has reimagined the Brasilia collection with its new Mardella introductions.  Just like the original Brasilia collection, Mardella includes furniture for the dining room, bedroom and living room.


Broyhill Mardella Nightstand doorAnd what fabulous introductions they are!  Now you can have the convenience of “new” and the style of “old,” all wrapped up in a big ole package.  The Two Door Nightstand is one of the most faithful replicas.

Broyhill Mardella Two Drawer NightstandIf you prefer drawers to doors, the Two Drawer Nightstand has an additional pull-out tray for drinks, magazines and more.  That is one of my favorite design features because it makes your furniture work double duty!

Broyhill Mardella ServerThe combination of small drawers, large drawers and a generous cabinet make the Mardella Server super functional.  It also includes a hidden compartment to store a dining table leaf and a pullout surface for extra serving space.  So very smart!!

Broyhill Mardella Door ChestIsn’t the pull-out rod on the side of the Mardella Door Chest a genius idea?  And why did it take us 50+ years to replicate it?!?!

Broyhill Mardella Door Chest DetailI would love to know which, if any,  of the “modern conveniences” are original to the Brasilia line and merely replicated for Mardella … or if all of these truly were functional upgrades (in addition to their great looks, of course)!

Palàcio da Alvorado photo via Sou Brasilia. Original Brasilia brochure available for download here (on the Brasilia Connection website).  Product photos courtesy of Broyhill.  Thank you to High Point Market for pairing me with four companies, including Broyhill, as a sponsored blogger.


high point highlights: henredon

Aubriot 6901-48Remember when I gushed on and on and on and on about Celerie Kemble‘s collection for Henredon?  Well, it’s just that good.  Can you blame a girl?!  Unlike some furniture companies, however, Henredon is not a one-trick pony.  Yes, Celerie’s pieces are amazing … but there’s lots more amazing where that came from!

Aubriot 6900-49One of my High Point highlights was definitely the introduction of Henredon’s new Aubriot collection.  Designed by French interior architect and designer Patrick Aubriot, these new pieces — in addition to Patrick’s Rue de Seine collection for Century Furniture — have an Art Deco feel that I am crazy for.  I mean, just look at the 6901-48 Chest!   The custom hardware alone is enough to make me a happy designer.  I tend to use sideboards in formal dining rooms as a more modern alternative to the china cabinet, but — if you really need display storage — an all-glass front cabinet gives a similarly updated look.  And you can see there’s nothing stuffy about the Aubriot 6900-49 Cabinet!

Aubriot 6901-40Need a sleek cocktail table?  The Aubriot 6901-40 Cocktail Table fits that bill!  

Westbury Manor 4300-21Of course, there are plenty of homes (and clients!) that prefer a more traditional design, and Henredon’s Westbury Manor collection speaks to that need.  The finish on the Westbury Manor Sideboard (4300-21) is incredible.

Westbury Manor 4300-42Don’t scroll too fast and overlook the amount of detail in this Westbury Manor Table (4300-42)!  The woodworking is just divine.

Westbury Manor 4300-48On the Westbury Manor Chest (4300-48), you can see the same dedication to detail.  Plus, the veneers are simply outstanding!

H1451 BernardHenredon also introduced three new chair styles that range from modern to transitional to traditional.  The shape of  H1451 Bernard is fundamentally classic, but — with narrow arms and inset wood — this isn’t your mother’s arm chair.  (Somehow “this ain’t yo mama’s arm chair,” said with a swagger, sounds better in my head than when I type it.  Darn those English teachers hammering lessons into my head!)  

H1452 NatalieThe Natalie Chair (H1452) is much more streamlined and would work in a variety of design schemes.  I’m inclined to use the Natalie Chair on projects ranging from soft modern to fresh traditional.

H1460 NewportAlthough the H1460 Wing Chair looks strictly old school, the stretcher bars on the frame tell a different story.  Don’t they add an amazing amount of interest to an otherwise ordinary chair?

Henredon Embroidered Fabric from IndiaOh, and there’s a benefit to being sister companies … or at least having the same great taste in fabrics.  Look what brand-new fabric showed up at Henredon, too!  Celerie must have liked this fun embroidered stripe as much as I do.

Merida Catalyst_Pink_Grapefruit_Wool_LinenDo you recognize the Catalyst rug, which is part of Celerie’s collection for Merida?  Mereda is a TZ fave for the highest-quality natural fiber rugs and textiles, all of which are made at Merida’s mill in Fall River, Massachusetts.  Here, Celerie used the Pink Grapefruit colorway, but Catalyst is also available in Topaz-Amethyst (blue and lavender), Zebra (browns), Blue Gray (grays) and Finch (yellow).  When designers have multiple licensed product lines across various categories, I love to see those showrooms “cross-merchandized.”  Is that a word?  If not, it should be.  You really have the opportunity to see how that designer’s vision fits together!  In the Henredon showroom, Celerie used lamps, accessories and occasional pieces from her collection for Maitland-Smith and rugs from her collection for Merida — not to mention personal beautiful family photos.

Of these new introductions for Henredon, which one speaks the most to your design style?

Thank you to High Point Market for pairing me with four companies, including Henredon, as a sponsored blogger.

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