studio saturday: julie robinson

It’s been a fun week at Studio 202!  Most of our back-ordered furniture is scheduled to ship this week, and I can’t wait to have everything in place.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.  Tapping foot impatiently.  

Studio 202 Sample RoomThanks to Impact Design Resources and our wonderful interns, Meredith and Ashton, our sample room is finally complete and organized.  Yippee!!

Carnegie Fabrics XorelOf course, Lisa Mende and I continue to find new vendors … which means the samples continue to roll in.  I am super excited for the arrival of a new-to-us performance fabric.  If — hypothetically speaking, bien sûr — a certain little someone were to punch a hole in the fabric with something sharp like a fork or a ballpoint pen, the weave of this fabric just closes itself back up.  Crazy cool, right?

Julie Robinson Octopus GardenBut the true Christmas-in-July moment came when the Julie Robinson paintings arrived.  Julie creates abstract transcendental paintings that are out-of-this-world.  I love the word “transcendental” to describe her work, because her paintings are so incredibly layered and nuanced that they become almost ethereal.

Julie Robinson RoomWithoutARoofAs beautiful as her work is in photos, it is absolutely breathtaking in person.  Because her deft use of color manages to be both subtle and strong, even her smaller paintings add extraordinary presence to a room.

Julie Robinson Willingness

Julie Robinson Oceanic45See what I mean?  Love.  To see her work in person, simply stop by Studio 202!

Top photo via moi.  Fabric image here.  Julie Robinson paintings, all available at Studio 202; for information, email


laura ashley + domino (the big reveal!)

Y’all, today is the day!  I am sooooo excited to finally share what I’ve been hinting about on Instagram and Twitter.  Yes, all of those #lareimagined hashtags have finally come to fruition.

Traci Zeller for Domino Laura Ashley Desk VignetteAs part of a super-cool collaboration between Domino magazine and Laura Ashley, I redesigned the guest bedroom in my own home … and “the big reveal” is now live on!

Traci Zeller for Laura Ashley Domino Dresser VignetteLaura Ashley is such an iconic brand — and one that had a huge impact on my own style.  I loooooooved my Laura Ashley dresses, rompers (yes, rompers) and so much more.  As all great brands must, Laura Ashley has evolved over the years — and this is how I imagine Laura Ashley now.  It’s classic design, reinterpreted for today’s modern interiors.

Traci Zeller for Laura Ashley Domino Rug VignetteFor now, you’ll have to pop over to for the reveal.  While you are visiting, be sure to check out what the fabulous Kristin Jackson from The Hunted Interior did to her breakfast nook.   

Stay tuned, though, because I’ll be sharing the full scoop over the next few days … including all of my awesome sources.  Plus, for #ThrowbackThursday, I just might share an old Laura Ashley dorm room photo.  I’ll leave you with two words.  Wallpaper.  Border.

Is your guest room ready for company?

Interior design by Traci Zeller.  Photos by Dustin Peck Photography.     

traci zeller