studio saturday: art alert! holiday gifts!

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving?  My twins keep reminding me that “it’s time to do some early Christmas shopping.”   Teensy bit self-interested, wouldn’t you say?

Harrison Blackford Dry the RainDry the Rain by Harrison Blackford (40″x60″, $1750)

Crayola art supplies are tops on their lists … because who doesn’t want to make their own markers, paints and crayons? … and — lucky for you — Twin B has decided to start selling his art through Studio 202.  He’s also informed me that his art should sell quickly because he’s the best-priced artist in the shop.  Ahem.

Julie Robinson Oceanic45Oceanic 4 and 5 by Julie Robinson (6″x6″, $300 each)

Well, he may not be right about that … but he is totally correct that art makes a fantastic holiday gift!  Studio 202 will not be open on Black Friday — Twin B has also begun announcing that holidays (from school, mind you) are “for family time” — but Lisa and I are just an email away.

Harrison Blackford Art in MoS BookcasesArt has such a big impact on a space, no matter the size of the piece.  Look how charming this small painting by Harrison Blackford looks in a bookcase!  Sarah was the lucky winner in the Studio 202 Grand Opening giveaways, and we’re looking forward to sharing more snaps of how our winners have styled their prizes.

Lucy Williams ArtLucy Williams (24″x36″; $695)

Lucy Williams 36x36Lucy Williams (36″x36″; $975) 

Susan Skelley in Studio 202Susan Skelley with three of her available works (please email for pricing)

Liza Matthews SprungSprung by Liza Matthews (24″x36″, $875)

Julie Robinson WillingnessWillingness by Julie Robinson (24″x24″, $1500)

Lisa and I also brought back some gorgeous new watercolors by Alexis Walter.  We don’t have them photographed yet, but I’ll share some sneak peeks on Instagram this week (@tracizeller).    Love, love, love!

Have you started your holiday shopping?


friday’s find: it’s an adorable flush mount light fixture!

Soooo many flush mount fixtures  – in other words, a fixture that sits close to the ceiling — are soooo ugly.  In homes with modest ceiling heights, however, a flush mount can be the best option.  Do not even get me started on the dreaded b–b light.   Who on earth ever thought that was a good idea?  Because — once you’ve heard a fixture described as such — it’s impossible to “unsee” it.  Which is why I never, ever, under any circumstances, click on any of those Kim Kardashian articles on Facebook.  

Pottery Barn Kids Scalloped White Metal FlushmountWhen I stumbled across this adorable flush mount light fixture, however, I knew I had to shout it to the rooftops.  Of course, there are some beautiful flush mount fixtures at the upper range of the price spectrum.  Remember that Alexa calls herself the Queen of the Flush Mount?  She totally is, because her flush mount fixtures are fabulous.  At $119, though, the bang for the proverbial buck on the scalloped flush mount fixture is impressive!  Heck, at that price, what about having this fixture lacquered in a fun color?  I’m drooling just thinking about it.  And trying to figure out exactly how I can work this into a design scheme ASAP.

What color would you choose?

Product photo via Pottery Barn Kids.

traci zeller