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Category: Musings

“word to the wise” wednesday: libby cameron

Mad love for this quote by Libby Cameron ... and the charming wallpaper that I used as the background (Thibaut's Narragansett pattern in Blue). My 2016 mantra? I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.

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“word to the wise” wednesday: megan winters

I love how Megan Winters thinks about luxury. If any one of those qualities is missing -- quality, functionality, livability or creativity -- luxury simply doesn't exist, n'est-ce pas? Plus, her definition also emphasizes how personal the concept of luxury is. The question then becomes: What is functional and livable for you? …

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“word to the wise” wednesday: cathy kincaid

Have you read the latest House Beautiful? Cathy Kincaid explains how she infused a traditional Dallas home with the feel of an English country estate, the result of which is beautifully featured in the magazine. What I found even more refreshing, however, was her candid interview! It takes a village, right? I …

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