February 22, 2010

before and “in between” – the bachelorette’s living room


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’ve been working with The Bachelorette on the post-flood remodeling of her small Myers Park home.  While I can’t quite call this post a “before” and “after,” I wanted to share the progress in The Bachelorette’s living room!

Here’s what we have “before” –


JJH Living Room Before 2

Remember, The Bachelorette wasn’t planning to remodel – and definitely wasn’t planning to be flooded – so excuse the blurred faces in the “before” photos. There wasn’t an opportunity to take better shots, so I had to make do! Although The Bachelorette owned some lovely pieces of furniture, the room felt a little too traditional and heavy – especially with the faux finish on the walls – for such a fun young woman!  It’s also not a large room, and we both agreed that it could feel more spacious.

And here’s the “in between!”

Bachelorette Living After 2

We first improved the flow of the entire house by establishing a consistent color palette for the living room and the adjacent dining area and kitchen. We also changed the orientation of the furniture, which made the room feel much larger and more open … and allows The Bachelorette to look out her front window.

The Bachelorette purchased a new sofa, occasional chair and media console off the floor at Nest (as well as a sofa table not visible in the photo).  We kept the existing coffee table (which I love and thankfully escaped the flood undamaged) and recovered the club chair and ottoman.  (Here’s the chair before.)  The silk pillows were custom-made from fabric purchased at Robyn’s Fabric Warehouse. The gorgeous lamps, which were purchased at B.D. Jeffries, frame the area above the media console.  With the rich chocolate shades, I think the lamps are the perfect exclamation points to the space!

Then we layered in some of The Bachelorette’s existing artwork.  We didn’t reframe anything, but instead hung her pieces in different places to complement the new arrangement and style.

Bachelorette Living Room After 2

Here, you can see that the speckled leather seat of the occasional chair is is reminiscent of a robin’s egg.  It is beyond fabulous.  I am seriously in love with this piece!!

Notice, too, the green recycled glass bowl in the bottom shelf of the console – it’s from Target, baby!   It just adds another great pop of color … that also ties in with the green recycled glass bottles in the kitchen.

Bachelorette Living Room After 1

The artwork over the fireplace is more appropriately sized than before, and the reclaimed wood on the mantel is from City Supply Co.  I love how the rough wood brings an organic feel to an otherwise very polished space.

What’s left to do?  Well, the room needs a rug and new window treatments.  The Bachelorette may put her house on the market this summer, however, so I think we will hold off on any purchases that potentially won’t work in another house – meaning this might be as close as we get to an “after.”  That being said, I think her living room looks fantastic!  It is definitely a space that reflects her personality and in which she enjoys living, relaxing and entertaining.  And what more could you ask for?


  • Shannon
    Feb. 22, 2010
    WOW!!!!!!!! I am REALLY excited to get started now. It looks fantastic!!!!!!!
  • Maria Killam
    Feb. 22, 2010
    Such a fun post to read! Love that chair too! Hey love your paragraphs in the end :) Good plugs!
  • futon sofa bed
    Mar. 06, 2010
    The living room is to elegant! I've been looking for a living room that very clean and elegant.
  • interior ideas
    Jan. 13, 2011
    Your living room has changed completely.Now i can easily say that that is gorgeous and chic without any doubt.Your hard work paid off.

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