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Traci Zeller Designs offers full service interior design for projects of all sizes, from a single room to whole-house design.

Traci is uniquely equipped to offer her clients a design project experience that maintains a singular balance of creative expertise and informed professionalism. She acts as their trusted advisor, handling the project and budget management aspects with as much deliberateness as she handles the creative aspects.

Traci’s reasoned approach, creative talent and client-focused values are the cornerstones of Traci Zeller Designs. We invest in maintaining extensive product knowledge and nurturing advantageous vendor relationships, as well as engaging with leading thinkers on best project management and business practices.

Powered by these efforts, we serve our clients at every level of their projects – from conception to implementation and beyond – as we focus on building a relationship of trust with our clients for the long term.

On every project, Traci asks insightful questions and perceptively listens to the clients, then makes smart decisions in anticipation of their needs to give them rooms that are cultivated, comfortable and enduring.

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