Twins or Triplets

the interior design trend you’ll love

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Yippee!  High Point Market is here again, and it’s one of my favorite events of the year.  I love seeing the latest products, fabrics and finishes from my tried-and-true vendors, but there’s also not much more exciting than finding a brand new vendor.  What’s even better?  When those brand new vendors become tried-and-true.

Brentwood Classics Vivian Chair Fabric DetailYou’ll remember that I’ve introduced you to Brentwood Classics before, and — when I first discovered them (thanks to the High Point Market Authority) — I was immediately impressed with their commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability and customer service.  All important things, right?  But if I’m being completely candid … and you know I always am … it’s the fabrics I really love.  Once a vendor has cleared my quality / style / value standards, it’s all about the fabric selection for me — and Diana Sisto, creative director at Brentwood Classics, knows how to select fabrics.  Remember my post about their cut velvets and mohairs?  Yum.

Brentwood Classics Crypton Home FabricAnd that’s why I am beside myself with their latest news.  Hello, Crypton Home!  Of all the interior design trends I’ll see at market, the increasing use of high performance fabrics is the trend you’ll love the most.  Why?  Because Crypton Home is high performance fabric that is soft, durable and resistant to both stains and odors.  The performance technology is built into every fiber, so unlike stain protection that is applied after the fact, this protection won’t ever wear off.  Forget the scratchy outdoor fabrics of years past.  These fabrics feel fantastic and work hard.

Brentwood Classics Jupiter Fabric DetailI am beyond thrilled that the high performance fabrics are becoming more and more available, and I can tell you that I put them in almost every project where my clients have children, pets or — let’s be clear — just busy lives.  Who has time to worry about those inevitable messes?  Not this sister.  In my mind, Crypton Home + Brentwood Classics is a match made in heaven.  I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what gorgeous pieces Brentwood Classics has in their High Point showroom!

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All photos courtesy of Brentwood Classics.  In Spring 2015, High Point Market paired me with Brentwood Classics as a sponsored blogger; I enjoyed them so much that we’ve worked together ever since!    

how to organize a kid’s closet, part two

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Now it’s time for the fun stuff!  I’ve already shared the nuts and bolts behind my twin boys’ closet, which you saw in the August issue of Better Homes and Gardens, but what I haven’t talked about is how to put the FUN in functional.

Hot Pink Pillow in Rugby Striped BasketI often use decorative bins and baskets to organize, partly because they look great, but mainly because it couldn’t be easier to stash your stuff.  Will my twins neatly fold or hang their costumes or Build-A-Bear clothes?  Not a chance in h-e-double-hockey-sticks.  Will they throw all of that into a bin, especially if there’s a big ole sign telling them exactly where to put it?  As the Magic 8-Ball might say, the outlook is good!

BHG August 2015 Kids Closet 2I love The Container Store’s rugby striped bins, and you’ll spot them in more than one of my projects.  In my twins’ closet, they are filled with stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes.  Pin a label of any sort to the bins, and you are good to go!  

Beverage TubOne of my favorite “non-basket” baskets is a colorful beverage tub.  Because beverage tubs are generally made of steel or aluminum, they are stronger than an average woven basket and able to withstand heavy-duty use.  Even better, they can be labeled with magnets!    


MagneticTalkBubbles_xThese magnetic dry erase “talk bubbles” are both adorbs and perfect for the job.  LL Bean Boat and Tote BagsWhat works as a catch-all, but doubles as a travel bag?  Why, the L.L. Bean Boat & Tote bags, of course.  Even better, there are so many different colors that you can color-code your kiddos here, too.

Land's End Canvas Storage BinsLand’s End also makes an awesome version.  The medium zip top tote fits everything my twins need for a sleepover or a quick weekend jaunt, and it couldn’t be easier to Grab & Stuff.  Need even more room?  Be sure to check out the storage sizes, which have broader bases.

Twins with Sparkler in CarnivalLast but not least, I used temporary wallpaper to add some pizazz.  A plain white closet is soooooo very boring, and if there’s one thing you aren’t around my kiddos, that thing is “bored.”  I swear Twin B uses more words in a day than I do in a week.

My Sparkler fabric pattern — shown above with that beyond-precious set of boy/girl twins — made a fantastic wallpaper … and if I ever get tired of it, I simply peel it off!  The best part of an all-over pattern like Sparkler is that there’s no need to be overly precise about matching the repeat — and this is coming from a girl with major OCD tendencies.  Using Sparkler temporary wallpaper in a closet is one situation where close is good enough!

With a closet like that, who wouldn’t want to get dressed in the morning?

All product photos via their respective websites.  Top photo by Rachel Shingleton for TZD.  Bottom photo by Firewife Photography for TZD.