my top tips for stylish living … with children!

Cleaning House SignIt sure feels like this sometimes, doesn’t it?  Boy oh boy (pun definitely intended), I can relate!

As a mom of twins, I’m constantly asked “are they twins?”  When my boys were small, I used to answer that question with another question.  “Boys, are you double trouble or twin tornadoes?”  What do you think they answered?  “BOTH.”  And not in their inside voices!

Traci Zeller Designs Double Duty Dining RoomYet triplet boys plus a precious little girl use this gorgeous dining room slash library.

Living Room AfterAn athletic young boy and his rambunctious partner-in-crime — a chocolate lab — enjoy this beautiful living room.

Traci Zeller Designs Lakefront Breakfast RoomThis breakfast area is a favorite gathering place for a teenage girl and her many friends, plus her soon-to-be-teenage brother, both before and after they enjoy the lake on a summer day.  Wet bathing suits?  No problem!

How is that possible?  Today, I’m over on Tobi TV sharing my top tips for living a stylish life with children.  I truly believe that children who grow up around and are taught to appreciate beautiful things enjoy happier lives!  Thank you so much to my friend and mentor, Tobi Fairley, for having me as her guest.  I’ve learned so much through Tobi’s Mastermind program, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to share my passion.    

What are your favorite tips for living stylishly with children?

Etsy sign available here.  Interior design by Traci Zeller; photography by Dustin Peck Photography.  Tobi TV video via Tobi’s YouTube channel.  

my top two ways to get organized before school starts

The countdown is on!  Summer has flown by, and — at least in my house — it’s three short weeks before the school year begins.

Zeller Twins Holding HandsI am soooo excited to be back in a routine, but totally not thrilled about that very early alarm clock.  In the mornings especially, every minute is precious.  Who has time to search the house for that missing folder or permission slip?   After-school hours aren’t that much easier.  Between homework, activities and supper, there’s no time to waste.

Traci Zeller on WCCB News Rising Sharing Back to School OrganizationWhat’s a busy MOM to do?!  On WCCB News Rising last week, I shared my top two ways to get organized before school starts — and I promise that these are game-changers!  If you missed the show, it’s super-easy to watch the segment online.

OrganizeIt Childrens Lap DeskOh, and if you remember how I color-code my twins, you’ll know which lap desks live in our house!  Memo to self:  Keep wearing heels so you don’t look like an Oompa Lompa next to the tall and engaging Terrance Bates.

Top photo by Firewife Photography, Charlotte’s leading children’s photographer.  Find WCCB News Rising online here.  Lap desk image via, and available online at, Organize-It … in every color of the rainbow!  For my Charlotte, NC friends, Michaels has plastic lap desks in stock now.   

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