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A new collaboration is always fun, n’est pas?  West Elm’s new introductions with Kate Spade Saturday launched online yesterday!  West Elm is one of my go-to shops for quick, affordable accessories and accent pieces, so I’m always excited to see what they introduce next.  Here’s what scored the tops on my list.

Kate Spade Saturday Galaxy Sheet SetMy twins often ask me to create new products using my Bubbly pattern (based on their artwork).  Perhaps the Galaxy Sheet Set would satisfy them for a bit?  I’m a white-sheets-only kind of a girl, but this splatter print — reminiscent of Harry Hinson — might convince me otherwise!

Kate Spade Saturday Abstract Art PrintI’m crazy for the colors in this abstract art print, especially because the scheme works for both boys and girls.  Decorating shared bathrooms is not a feat for the faint-of-heart.  Quick Aside:  “Sprite Twins” occur when the parents don’t find out the babies’ gender beforehand.  The result?  All things green and yellow!

Kate Spade Saturday No Alarm Clock Art PrintI look at this print and think, “those were the days.”  It’s really going to hurt my feelings when Monday rolls around and school starts again.  Two weeks sans alarm clock and school lunches = Best Mommy Vacation Ever.  Yes, my standards are low.        

Kate Spade Saturday Globe Floor LampI’d use the Globe Floor Lamp in a playroom or modern nursery.  The glass globes are reminiscent of those at NYC subway entrances, which would thrill my city-loving buddies.  The table lamp version is fun, too!

West Elm Pouf with Kate Spade Floral PrintFor a limited time, West Elm is offering three Kate Spade Saturday prints as options for their special-order upholstery.  I’m crazy for the floral print, shown here on the 22″ Pouf.   To me, it has the same spirit and energy of Paule Marrot’s art, which I adore.

Kate Spade Saturday Neon Diamond Wool PoufPoufs serve “double duty” — haha, twin joke — as foot stools and extra seating, so you might as well get a fun one!  Neon is not my thing — I’m experiencing a bad fashion flashback at this very moment — but something about the Neon Diamond Wool Pouf has my heart.

Anything strike your fancy?  Head over to West Elm and bring on the good Saturday vibes!

All product images via West Elm.  This post was not sponsored by West Elm or Kate Spade Saturday in any way. 

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