homearama 2015: framing

Let the fun begin!  When framing starts, it really feels like a house.  And what an amazing house Frank Snodgrass, Arcadia Custom Homes and I are building for Charlotte’s HomeArama 2015!  I truly love watching the day-to-day changes during construction.

FramingThe first floor went up …

HomeArama 2015 2nd Floor Framing… and then the second …

Cheval HomeArama Framing Complete… and — before you know it — you are walking through all of the rooms.

Cheval HomeArama Fireplace Wall 2Shall we head up the (temporary) stairs?

Cheval HomeArama Temporary StaircaseWith four and a half months before HomeArama 2015 opens, I’m now immersed in the countless decorating decisions — but I don’t want you to miss everything that happened earlier.  Stay tuned for another construction update next week!  As always, for real-time updates, follow me on Instagram (@tracizeller).

homearama 2015: the foundation

Nope, this is not the glamorous part of a new build.  HomeArama 2015 Foundation 1There’s a lot of dirt.

HomeArama 2015 Foundation 3

HomeArama 2015 Foundation 2Red. Carolina. Dirt.

HomeArama 2015 Foundation 4But you have to start somewhere, right?

HomeArama 2015 Foundation Slab 2

HomeArama 2015 Foundation Slab 1

HomeArama 2015 Foundation SlabAnd no one wants to be the man who built his house on sinking sand.

Cheval Homerama Sample WallWere you wondering why we made the exterior selections so early?  As you can see, we needed the brick selection for the foundation!

Everything Else Is an Ugly OysterOf course, it’s impossible to make an informed decision about the brick without also considering the stone, cedar shake, roof, and trim colors.  I love how Maria used this quip of mine to illustrate her Renovate with Confidence webinar!  It’s just as true outside the house as it is inside.

Next up?  Framing!

Graphic via Maria Killam.  

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