think pink! and a BIG giveaway!

*** this giveaway is now closed.  congrats, Lindsay W.! ***

Almost everyone I know has been touched by breast cancer in some way.  And when you look at the statistics, it’s no surprise.

Breast Cancer StatsOne in eight women.  Friends.  Wives.  Mothers.  Colleagues.  Volunteers.  Community Activists.  Daughters.  Cancer is horribly unfair.  One of the loveliest, brightest spirits I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing died from breast cancer at the age of twenty-nine.  She had her whole life ahead of her, and cancer took that away.  I think about her often.

Avon Breast Cancer WalkI dream of the day when cancer no longer exists — and I am extraordinarily grateful for everyone working toward that goal.  Yes, it’s the doctors and the researchers … but it’s also the race participants, the volunteers, and the fundraisers.  Charlotte is one of eight cities across the country to host an Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and ours is scheduled for October 25-26, 2014.  Since its launch in 2003, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer has raised more than $500 million for breast cancer research, access to screenings and treatment for all.  That is some serious money.  And it takes serious money to make serious progress.

The Company Store LaCrosse ComfortersYou already know The Company Store is a TZD favorite, but what you might not know is that — from October 1 to 31, 2014 — The Company Store is donating $5 for every LaCrosse comforter sold to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Any size, any color, any fill … the choice is yours.  LaCrosse comforters are one of The Company Store’s signature products, so — in the words of a college friend — we are talking major MMP.  Money-Making Potential.

Kids LaCrosse ComforterLaCrosse comforters, proudly made in the USA, are known for their comfort, craftsmanship and value — which is why I use them in my own home.  Oh, and they even come in kids’ colors.  A few more chilly days, and I’ll be breaking out my twins’ comforters!  I’m a fan of classic white, but I can totally imagine my kiddos begging for Spring Green and Caribbean Blue.

Faribault-Turn-Me-Loose-Colorblock-Throw-Rose_YA48_AltAre you ready for the giveaway?  One lucky reader will win a $200 gift card to The Company Store!  With winter quickly approaching, a new down comforter would be an excellent choice (hint, hint) … but there are plenty of other fantastic products to choose from.  Perhaps a crisp set of wrinkle-free sheets?  A scrumptious woolen color block throw?  On Tuesday, October 14, I’ll select the winner at random from the comments on this post.  If you tweet, Facebook or Instagram about the giveaway, you’ll get an extra entry — but please leave an additional comment telling me that you did so.  There’s no fuss, no muss, and no catch.

How has cancer touched your life?

All product images via The Company Store.  The Company Store has not compensated me for, or influenced the content of, this post.  To spread the word about the October donation period, The Company Store agreed to provide a gift card to the giveaway winner.  Yes, I truly do own LaCrosse comforters.    

breaking news: arete collection

Arete Collection in NYTMark my words, friends.  Jaws are about to drop!  My dear friend Brad Clifford has collaborated with master sculptor George Sellers on Areté Collection, an exclusive collection of lamps, furniture and objets d’art, debuting next month at Flair.

Arete Collection Sneak Peek at Mecox GardensIf you follow Areté Collection on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve already seen some sneak peeks … and it is incredible.  When a company’s first press is the New York Times?  You know it’s the start of something great.   I will look forward to sharing more photos as soon as they are public.

Congratulations, Brad and George!

Top photo by Brad Clifford via The New York Times.  Bottom photo by Brad Clifford via Instagram.  

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