the must-have pool table for a stylish game room

Y’all.  I have struck design gold.  Gold, I tell you.  Until now, I never would have believed there was such thing as a stylish, beautiful and elegant billiards table.  You know, as in playing pool.  At a pool table.  An activity usually conducted (albeit not by me) in an awesome dive bar.  For the record, I blame my complete inability to shoot pool on my left-handedness.  As my husband says, it’s my lie and I’ll tell it as big as I want.  


But now?  Check out the Brixton Pool Table by Brunswick Billiards!  Clean lines, transitional styling, hammered metal details and an antiqued finish?  Heaven in a pool table.  And lucky us, Everything Billiards — it’s a super-quick drive from Charlotte up to their Concord showroom* — is an exclusive dealer for both Brunswick Billiards and Olhausen Billiards, the very best names in the business.   I may have been drooling when Megan, the top-notch sales associate in the Concord showroom, showed me the variety of styles and options offered by Brunswick and Olhausen.  You know designers — we like options!!  Choose your style, customize your felt, select a finish and you’ll have a personalized pool table to call your very own … and it looks fantastic.  Like I said, heaven in a pool table.

Traci Zeller Designs Man Cave Bar RenderingI’ve had several “man cave” projects lately (seriously, can’t we come up with a better name than “man cave?!?!”), which has been loads of fun.  Here’s a sneak peek of one in the works now!  Everything Billiards is a family-owned and operated company, something I truly value, and they pride themselves on operating with commitment and integrity.  Isn’t that refreshing in today’s day and age?  I am beyond thrilled to have Everything Billiards as a resource … and even more thrilled that I no longer have to groan at the idea of a pool table.

Brunswick Bright Pink Smash Table TennisPlus, Everything Billiards also carries top-notch grills, games like shuffleboard, table tennis and air hockey, and hot tubs … so it’s a “man cave” one-stop-shop.  My twin boys would be super-psyched about table tennis at our house — unless I brought home a hot pink one.  Hey, but I like it!!  And why do boys get to have all the fun?!  I’ll take a spa at my house, too, thank you very much!  

Memphis Elite Grill Cart ModelOn the subject of grills, if you want to step up from the Big Green Egg (no offense, Eggheads; Everything Billiards sells those, too), I understand Memphis Wood-Fired Pellet Grills really are all that and a bag of chips.  I’m not sure if I should keep my husband away from the Memphis Grills … or let him fall in love so I, too, can enjoy the benefits.

Ready for more good news?  The Brixton pool table will be the star of the billiards room in my HomeArama 2015 house!  Insert happy sigh here.  I can’t wait for you to see this handsome thing in person.  The felt color is a gorgeous slate (albeit called “powder blue”), and the finish is Beachwood … and I am delighted.  Yippee!!!

* Don’t fret, central Carolinians; Everything Billiards has a Greensboro showroom to serve you, too.

Product images via their respective manufacturers.  Rendering for Traci Zeller Designs by Joan of Art.  

the benefits of benchmade … in canada, no less

Traci Zeller and Kimberley SeldonRemember the branding seminar with Kimberley Seldon and Brentwood Classics that I was fortunate enough to attend at High Point Market?  For my designer friends (and any other business owners), I promised a recap on the blog, so here are my top three takeaways.  (1) Be professional in every aspect of your business, including your business name and email address.  This is not the time or place for cutesy!  (2) Would you rather have a Mercedes-branded toaster or a Home Depot-branded toaster?  Tailor your presentations accordingly.  (3) As a designer, it’s impossible to deliver Mercedes service without top quality, reliable vendors — so choose your partners carefully.

Brentwood Classics VignetteSee?  I told you Kimberley was fabulous!  Just as interesting as Kimberley’s advice, however, was the gorgeous furniture at Brentwood Classics — including Kimberley’s own collection, of course.  I particularly loved the clean, classic lines of these pieces, and I tried soooo very hard to capture the beauty of the fabrics.

Brentwood Classics Fabric SheenCan you get a sense of the subtle sheen and precise stitching on this pretty chair?   If the limitations of my iPhone camera and the harsh showroom lights were just a bit too much, please take my word for it!  I definitely couldn’t do the mohair justice, but just know that it was so divine that I may have been drooling in my champagne.  Kimberley did not mention overuse of alliteration and exclamation points in blog posts, so thank you very much.

Brentwood Classics FabricsI mean, hello?  Look at this incredible cut velvet.  As Twin B would say, that comes with “extra yummy sauce!”  And where does one find all of that fabric fabulousness?  Shortly after High Point Market, Diana Sisto, Brentwood Classics’ creative director, was headed to Lake Como, Italy to source new fabrics.  Insert happy sigh here.

Brentwood Classics Benchmade in CanadaWhen I evaluate upholstery vendors, my top criteria are quality construction, exquisite fabrics, excellent customer service, and compelling value.  Kimberley shared how valuable it is to her business that Brentwood Classics is family-owned and operated.  Because the owners are involved in the day-to-day operations, she is always able to get a quick answer and prompt follow-through with any questions or concerns.

Here in North Carolina, we tend to get a little myopic about our furniture being made “just down the road” … but Brentwood Classics is benchmade in Canada with the same quality and attention to detail that we expect here.  Thanks to the benefit of video, you can see where the magic happens from the comfort of your own laptop.  It’s impressive!

Plus, one of my core values is stewardship, so I’m especially pleased to report that Brentwood Classics is a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council.  All of Brentwood Classics’ upholstery products are made with soy-based poly foam, which assures you the utmost in sustainable comfort.  Oh, and guess what?  That pesky little thing called an “exchange rate” is totally working in our favor right now.  

A quick review of my top criteria?  That’s a Check, Check, Check and Check.  In other words?  I may see mohair in my future!

Thank you to High Point Market for pairing me with two companies, including Brentwood Classics, as a sponsored blogger. 

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