sunday’s gratitude: thankfulness as a drug

If Thankfulness Were a Drug QuoteFascinating, right?  According to Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy, head of the divison of biologic psychology at Duke University Medical Center, gratitude truly makes a difference in our health.  And not just our mental health!  Our physical health is at stake, too.  Read the entire article here.

On the subject of gratitude, I am grateful for my fantastic blog readers!  Congratulations to Amanda, who will receive a digital copy of Eco-Happy: A Simple Guide Toward an Earth-Friendly Life, and Katie, who will receive a downloadable art print from Maidservant of Encouragement.

get eco-happy … and a giveaway!

#EcoHappyBookcoverIt’s not every day that your friend publishes a book … and gives you the honor of a blurb on the front cover!  I am so thrilled to share EcoHappy: a Simple Guide Toward an Earth-Friendly Life by Loretta Fontaine with you.  You may remember my post about her Kickstarter project — and what a joy to announce that the book has arrived.  I was beyond tickled to see that she included my blurb on the front cover, but even more overjoyed to see how beautifully the book turned out.  It absolutely delivers everything I knew Loretta could and would do!

#LorettaFontaineInstead of a long list of all-or-nothing rules, Loretta shares the three simple principles she follows to live an eco-happy and earth-friendly life.  What you absolutely won’t find?  This isn’t a book filled with judgment (“I can’t believe you don’t ___”) or dictates (“You absolutely must ___ or you are a terrible person”).

Bark Study by Loretta FontaineWhat you will find?  Plenty of inspiration to do what you can, when you can, to make the earth a better place.  And isn’t that exactly what we need more of?  Seeing the beauty of nature through Loretta’s camera lens — because the text is accompanied by more than fifty of her original color and black and white photographs — is enough to make anyone strive for a more earth-friendly life.  Plus, as Loretta shares, there are so many ways to make that happen!  I may love my shampoo that lathers — and I do! — but I can buy fewer items of higher quality (so they last longer).

Unfortunately, the hardcover edition is currently sold out on, but the e-book is available on iTunes for only $3.99.  Lucky for you, I’m also giving away two digital copies of Loretta’s book!  Simply leave a comment on this post — or on the Facebook or Instagram posts about the giveaway — and I’ll put your name in the hat.  Stay tuned for the winners to be announced in next Sunday’s Gratitude post.

Will you share a time when you’ve appreciated the beauty of nature?

All photos courtesy of Loretta Fontaine

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