friday’s five minute fix: endless camp and school forms

Can you believe I signed my twinks up for a summer camp already?  And I’m not talking those camps that last 6+ weeks.  This is one of those garden-variety camps that every museum, recreation center, arts facility, and little theater hold over the summer … knowing that MOMs like me need to give their kiddos some structured activity!

Twin A at Field DayAs fun as camps are, however, there’s one thing that is totally not fun … and that is completing those endless forms.  I mean, seriously.  As if school forms aren’t bad enough.  Camp forms are school forms on steroids — because, of course, it’s not just one camp.   It’s two.  Or three.  Or six.   And it’s not just one form.   It’s a registration form, a medical form, an emergency contact form, a what-to-do-with-your-kid-in-case-of-nuclear-apocalypse form.

Easy Way to Fill Out Camp FormsEspecially with twins, you are filling out the same durn information over and over again!   Same parents.  Same address.  Same birthday.  Same vaccination dates.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

Copy Paste Twin Onesies by Twin Market on Etsy

So here’s how I solve … or at least minimize … that little problem.  Strategic photo-copying!

Have you started camp sign-ups?

Oldie-but-goodie photo by moi of Twin A at Field Day.  Copy and Paste twin onesies via Twins Market on Etsy.     

what’s your favorite (fabric) fiber?

The Winter 2014 issue of Multiplicity magazine — every MOM’s favorite — is live, and — as always — this issue is packed with inspiring articles, helpful information and lots of fun!

Multiplicity Cover January 2014You’ll read my tips about adding “life” to your home … and don’t miss my friend and fabulous designer Barbara Miller‘s article, “Say Yes!” to indoor fun and imaginative play.  With the temperatures in Charlotte nose-diving this week … thank you, Mother Nature, for yesterday’s delightful reprieve! … that article will be the first one I read.  You’ll also want to visit Barbara’s online store and idea-filled blog.  Her tag line is “designs that nurture their nature,”… and doesn’t that just about sum up what we all want as moms?

Traci Zeller Twins Bedroom by Logan CyrusWhat was especially fun for me in this issue is the new fashion shoot for kids!  My crazy little buds — and some of their best pals — were the “models,” and the back story is a pajama party in my boys’ bedroom.   You’ll see some never-before-seen angles of their room, including how I hung their Bubbly artwork.  Logan CyrusCharlotte Home & Garden photographer extraordinaire — took the above shot … but that’s not how it looks with six little ones piled on the beds!

Kickee Pants Brothers PhotoBut here’s what I really want to share.  My kids love … in a crazy-obsessed-wearing-them-four-days-in-a-row way … those Kickee Pants pajamas!!  Did you know that bamboo fibers are just that soft?   It is truly incredible.   Plus, Kickee Pants only uses bamboo that is grown organically.

Kickee Pants Airplane PajamasThis pair is headed our way next — because it’s in French, of course!  If my kiddos learn that Kickee Pants offers “regular” clothes and sizes up to 10 … I won’t be surprised if they refuse to wear anything else.  This polo shirt and these cargo pants could probably pass for their uniform-required attire?

SDH_LegnaPrietaMy husband and I recently splurged on Legna by SDH sheets, and — lo and behold — they are also made of wood fibers.  The wood pulp used to manufacture their sheets is harvested from sustainably managed forests and is completely biodegradable.  Eco-friendly and luxurious?  Now that’s a combination I can get behind!

What’s your favorite fabric fiber?

Interior design by Traci Zeller; photo by Logan Cyrus for Charlotte Home + Garden.  Kickee Pants photos via the Kickee Pants online store and Facebook page.  Legna by SDH product photo via Opulence of Southern Pines, an online retailer for SDH and a fabulous North Carolina-based brick-and-mortar store.   

traci zeller