tz essentials: scalloped ballet flats

Spring has sprung … and that means it is way past time for another Traci Zeller Essentials post!  I love sharing my secrets and short-cuts — whether the subject is interior design, fashion, entertaining, kids, cleaning, or you name it — and this one is killer.

Traci Zeller Essentials BannerPre-twins, I practically lived in heels and wedges.  Post-twins, I became a flats-wearing girl all the way.  You try balancing two babies and an enormous diaper bag in heels, and let me know how that works out.  Plus, flats are so much more practical when I am either on a construction site or shopping for clients.  After all, my mission is to make family-centered lives simpler and more stylish … and, for me, that now means wearing shoes that I can move in!  Fortunately, that doesn’t mean rocking orthopedic footwear.  

Chloe Lauren Ballet FlatRemember how much I loved those Chloe “Lauren” ballet flats?  Well, I didn’t buy them in gold — but finally splurged on a neutral pair. It’s the perfect shoe for spring into summer and beyond!

Boden Silver Ballet FlatsYet guess what my super-savvy design coordinator Brooke spotted in the Boden catalog?  Adorbs, of course — and a fraction of the price.

Boden Navy Scalloped Ballerina FlatsI love all the colors, but you know the navy is calling my name.  Cha-ching!  Boden’s version is selling out fast, so head over there quickly if you want to try a pair for yourself!

tz essentials: gold driving loafers

Happy 2015!  A New Year means fresh new content for the blog, and I’m really excited to bring it to you.  The past few (six?) months have been so busy at Traci Zeller Designs that my blog has truly gotten the short end of the stick.  I’ve missed you, though!  I’ve been busily dreaming up content, and one thing I kept coming back to was — Traci Zeller Essentials.

Traci Zeller Essentials BannerI’m often asked for my secrets and short-cuts — and I love to share them.  After all, my mission is to make family-centered lives simpler and more stylish!  I do that every day by creating crisp, classic interiors and products — and I can do that on the blog by sharing what works for me.  It might be interior design, fashion, entertaining, kids, cleaning or you name it.  I’ll cover my tips and tricks to saving time, looking and feeling great, and being the best possible mom I can be.  Sound good?

Simplicity Is Ultimate Sophistication Leonardo da VinciLet’s start with fashion, because — now that the holidays are over — I’m seeing the “Shop Resort” emails flood in.  In other words, it’s an early preview of spring clothes.  Yippee!  I’m already bored of my winter wear … which is a darn shame because it’s going to be here for a while.  After all, Charlotte’s still due for our once-a-year snow “storm.”  But back to Resort!

Prada Tasseled Driver LoaferThree+ seasons out of the year, there’s not much I love more than a metallic shoe.  As much as I love a ballet flat, sometimes it’s nice to wear something different — and the loafer is just what the stylist ordered.  For the past two years, you’ll find me in gold loafers more days than not.  Why?  They are stylish and comfy … which means I can keep up with my Twin Tornadoes.  Have you tried running after twins in wedges?  Disaster.  Not to mention lugging my samples, pushing furniture around, etc.  That’s why I say “Hello, heaven” to the Prada Tasseled Driver Loafer.  So simple and chic!

Tod's Gommini Metallic Leather Penny LoaferThe finish on the Tod’s Gommini Metallic Leather Penny Loafer is more of a “soft” gold … which might make them even more versatile for mixing metals (my fave way to wear them!).  I tend to do a rough “cost per wear” calculation when I’m buying shoes.  In other words — I’d rather spend a lot on the shoes I wear all the time!  That’s why I don’t mind a splurge on my “every other day” items.

Cole Haan Gold Trillby DriverFortunately, you can find great-looking gold loafers at just about any price point.  I found these Cole-Haan Trillby Drivers for a steal at Neiman-Marcus’ end-of-season sale last year — and here they are online.  Scoring a staple with Neiman’s style at practically Payless pricing … now that’s reason to celebrate!  Act fast because their New Year’s “40% extra off sale pricing” ends today.

C Wonder Gold Driving LoafersC. Wonder has a signature driving moccasin, and — as you’d expect — I’m crazy about the gold.  Be sure to check out the leopard calf-hair, though.    Chloe Gold Lauren Ballet FlatOf course, I wouldn’t say “no” to a pair of gold ballet flats.  I know a lucky lady who owns these fabulous Chloé flats, and we just so happen to wear the same shoe size.  I’m tempted to swipe them when she’s not looking, heh heh heh.

What’s your “go-to” shoe?

Quote graphic via Minimal Millenial.  Product photos via Nordstrom (Prada, Tod’s and Chloé), Neiman-Marcus (Cole-Haan) and C. Wonder.  Extra 40% off sale at Neiman’s ends today, so click fast!  

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