tz essentials: leather flip flops

I don’t much care for flip flops.  Should I even admit that?  I’m on board with flip flops for pedicures or the pool, but otherwise … it’s a no-go for me.  I think it’s the same reason you won’t catch me in ripped jeans.  Just not my vibe.

Gap Leather Flip Flops TanBut I’ve made an exception.  Bekah with The Erica Hanks Studio struck again … and I’m crazy about these leather flip flops.  To my surprise, the nude leather and minimal vibe of this pair works for me.  Somehow they seem more polished than your “average” flop.  Or am I justifying.  Hmmmm.  Either way?  Happy summer footwear for me!

Product photo via Gap.  Tannery, my favorite color, appears to be sold out, but I’ve noticed it come in and out of stock several times.  So keep checking!    

tz essentials: skinny stretch cargo pants

If you would have told me that my favorite pants would be “skinny,” “stretch” and “cargo,” well, I would have responded, “No Way.”

JCrew Skinny Stretch Cargo PantsUntil Bekah with The Erica Hanks Studio brought these J. Crew pants in navy for me to try.  At the risk of sounding like my nine year-old twin boys, they are my new comfy pants.  Lighter than denim, super soft, appropriate for both client meetings and construction sites?  Check, check and check.  As the reviews say, they do stretch out some — but it hasn’t been enough to bother me.  I just call that “more comfy!”  I now own multiple pairs so if you can’t find your size at South Park Mall, well, that’s why.  

Do you have a favorite style of pants?  Please share!

traci zeller