the importance of branding + a “can’t miss” event at #HPMkt

It’s almost that time again … and, fortunately, I don’t mean summer vacation!  High Point Market is right around the corner, and I’m busily filling my calendar with visits to my favorite vendors plus plenty of “free” time to wander and discover new sources.  What there is never enough time for, however, is the amazing educational opportunities.  I’ve talked about how much I love to learn, and if I could spend my time at market doing nothing but attending seminars, I would be as happy as a clam!  Unfortunately, there are way too many events and seminars for that to be practical — which means you have to choose carefully.

Brentwood Classics Kimberley Seldon EventSo what’s at the top of my list this market?  On Monday, April 20, from 4-6 pm, Kimberley Seldon will be speaking at the Brentwood Classics showroom about the importance of branding.  Hello, genius?!?  I first heard Kimberley speak at Design Camp in Atlanta, and she was absolutely ah-ma-zing.  Her books – Business of Design I and Business of Design II – should be required reading for anyone in or out of design school!  What I didn’t realize until I heard her speak in person, however, is how absolutely hilarious she is.  Not only does that make her presentations fun, but it also makes the material memorable!  It’s no surprise that her Business of Design courses and seminars get such rave reviews.

Brentwood Classics Cooper Sofa VignetteWhat makes it all even more impressive, however, is that Kimberley truly “walks the walk and talks the talk.”   Kimberley runs her award-winning design and build studio with offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, she’s the editor-in-chief of Dabble magazine, and she hosts HGTV’s Design for Living show.  Whew!  To top it off?  Kimberley also has an upholstery collection with Brentwood Classics.  I’m exhausted — and inspired — just thinking about it.  Although her Cooper sofa has clean lines and a sculptural profile, the feather-blended back cushions keep it comfy!

Kimberley Seldon for Brentwood ClassicsThe wooden base and rolled arms of the Paige sofa are rooted in tradition, but the arms’ slim profile gives the sofa a more updated feel.

Because Brentwood Classics is a new-to-me manufacturer — despite its thirty-five year history in the industry (where have I been?!) — I enjoyed checking out its social media pages to learn more.  I’m all about a “sense of place,” so I love knowing that Brentwood Classics is designed and manufactured in Canada.  The Brentwood Classics Facebook page is full of clever showroom tips such as the rule of threes and when to use a round ottoman.  On their Pinterest page, you’ll find tons of great images and product photos organized by trends like “Moody Blues,” “Southern Comfort,” and “Nautical Ties.”  If you can’t join us at market, you’ll especially want to tune into Twitter and Instagram for real-time updates from their showroom and Kimberley’s seminar.

Will I see you there?

Photos courtesy of Brentwood Classics.  Thank you to High Point Market for pairing me with two companies, including Brentwood Classics, as a sponsored blogger. 

“word to the wise” wednesday — ann maine

Everyone Loves Color Ann MaineWise words from Ann Maine, the editor-in-chief of Traditional Home magazine, don’t you think?

CitySophisticate-postcardfinal-600x400Speaking of color … have you taken the “What’s Your Color Personality?” quiz with Tobi Fairley and CR Laine?  I’m a City Sophisticate — no surprise there — which totally means I need a pair of these chairs.  Right?  Right.

Tobi Fairley for CR Laine Upholstered ScreenCR Laine has long been a favorite vendor of mine and Tobi Fairley is known for her bright, bold and tailored designs, so this collection is sure to knock everyone’s socks off at market.  What makes it even more special to me, however, is that both Tobi and Holly Blalock (the VP of Merchandising and Marketing at CR Laine) have been two of my biggest mentors and cheerleaders — and for that I will always be grateful.  Plus, the designs are bound to be phenomenal with a capital PH … and I will be filling you in every step of the way!!!

Follow me on Instagram (@tracizeller) for real-time updates, but also know, sweet friends, that I will have a full recap on the blog after market ends.  Oh, and for a teensy taste of why I adore Tobi, be sure to read what she wrote last Saturday.     I don’t do it all, either — but I do a lot … and I love every minute of it!

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