Can you believe I signed my twinks up for a summer camp already?  And I’m not talking those camps that last 6+ weeks.  This is one of those garden-variety camps that every museum, recreation center, arts facility, and little theater hold over the summer … knowing that MOMs like me need to give their kiddos some structured activity!

Twin A at Field DayAs fun as camps are, however, there’s one thing that is totally not fun … and that is completing those endless forms.  I mean, seriously.  As if school forms aren’t bad enough.  Camp forms are school forms on steroids — because, of course, it’s not just one camp.   It’s two.  Or three.  Or six.   And it’s not just one form.   It’s a registration form, a medical form, an emergency contact form, a what-to-do-with-your-kid-in-case-of-nuclear-apocalypse form.

Easy Way to Fill Out Camp FormsEspecially with twins, you are filling out the same durn information over and over again!   Same parents.  Same address.  Same birthday.  Same vaccination dates.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

Copy Paste Twin Onesies by Twin Market on Etsy

So here’s how I solve … or at least minimize … that little problem.  Strategic photo-copying!

Have you started camp sign-ups?

Oldie-but-goodie photo by moi of Twin A at Field Day.  Copy and Paste twin onesies via Twins Market on Etsy.     

One response to “friday’s five minute fix: endless camp and school forms”

  1. And they don’t have to be twins, this can work for homes with multiple children and school forms. Love it! Now if someone just make an appt that will do all that for us…