When one twin won’t pose for a photo …

… you take what you can get!  Hey, three out of four isn’t so bad.

That’s the reason so many Charlotte-area (North Carolina) twin moms love to use Firewife Photography.  Jennifer is mom to twins + one, so she knows the drill!  And somehow she manages to capture precious expressions — even if your little ones are having an “off” moment (or, say, day, week, month — you fill in the blank).  But when you are on your own with the camera, like on New Year’s Eve …

Never thought I’d be posting a Van Halen quote on my blog.  Those are my boys, of course, with twin girls who belong to one of my besties.  See the one pouting in the corner?  She’s an absolute doll, and this photo captured the moment.  I love those four kiddos, and I love this photo!

Happy January 1st!

Van Halen graphic via Lyrics to Live By.  

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