You know the feeling when you are totally “rocking out” — singing along, smiling — as you drive … and then you realize that you are still listening to the kids’ station?  Not. So. Cool.  Hey, I bet you can’t listen to Grenadilla singing “Sitting on Top of the World” without tapping your foot.  I made it until my twins were about three or four years old without listening to Kids Place Live, but then they figured out that the music on the car station was not what they heard on Nick Jr.   

Sitting on Top of the World from Peter Ferland on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, that’s a pretty good example of my life right now … and I am rather embarrassed to admit that there’s a number of kiddo songs (and artists) I really like.  At least I realize it’s lame, right?   Fortunately, I have friends with way hipper taste in music than, say, Laurie Berkner, Roger Day and the Fresh Beat Band.

Even more fortunately — for you, that is — I was smart enough to call in some help when High Point Market came a-calling.  See, High Point Market is the destination for home inspiration … and they asked the top Style-Spotters to create music mixes inspired by one of the hottest home fashion trends.  I’m a girl who loves high contrast, so I was all over “As Simple as Black and White.”   Tobi Fairley chose “Gold Standard,” and Lisa Mende chose “Not So Mellow Yellow.”  What fun, right?!

Buuuuut you probably don’t want to listen to my absolute-favorite-and-has-an-awesome-message Robbie Schaefer song.  This is when I totally embarrass my boys by turning it up and singing along.

But all’s well that ends well!   With the help of a fabulous friend, I have an amazing jazz mix — ranging from old school to the new generation — for you to enjoy.  The smooth mix perfectly captures the “Simple as Black and White” vibe.  Just download Spotify (if you haven’t already) and turn it up!  I feel so much cooler when I’m not in my car now that I’m jamming to jazz.  Market registration opens January 8th, so if you are an interior designer or home decor retailer, mark your calendar now and get those passes early!

Rae, please accept my thanks on behalf of the world the 140,000 people who receive #HPMkt emails.

What’s your favorite song?

7 responses to “what are you listening to?”

  1. you are too cool for school Traci Zeller! So happy to call you a friend!

  2. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh – I’m so guilty of rocking out to Sheila’s music and not even realizing it – that is too funny. And Fresh Beat Band is our current favorite!

  3. Derek says:

    Why wasn’t I consulted on this mix? I think I had the talent a while back 😉

  4. Liz Carroll says:

    Love this Traci! How fun!?!

  5. Hannah Dee says:

    Please, there is a local radio show called Kids Corner, it is on from 7-8 every week day. Holly probably knows that one, too. Kathy O’Connell is the DJ and she is hilarious, plays awesome music, has fun guests, and I learn something every time I listen. You can probably stream it, you’ll love it too. It’s WXPN and the show is Kids Corner, check it out!

  6. great playlist! Any Mom would love!

  7. Ryan says:

    Nicely done! Always looking for new tunes. And yes, I am also guilty of listening to my son’s songs without realizing it. The worst is when I am scrolling through the channel guide and see one of his TV shows and say to myself ” Oh Peppa Pig is on I could watch that”.