We Charlotte folks were totally spoiled over the weekend.  At seventy degrees, it was warm enough that you could let your twins splash in a water fountain.

Unfortunately, the dream is over … and we are back to rainy and a bit chilly.  It could definitely be way worse — but it’s no sunny California.  Here’s to California dreamin’ about life outside, preferably on this gorgeous patio designed by Couture Chateau using entirely retail items.

Twins photo by Firewife Photography.  Patio space designed by Couture Chateau.

5 responses to “tuesday twinsday … dreaming of outdoors”

  1. Traci, this is my favorite post to date! A fabric line I cannot wait to see this and hopefully use on my
    design projects, looking forward to watching you in 2013!

  2. Tawna Allred says:

    Wow! We woke up to -30 yesterday! Maybe I need to move South :).

  3. Ann McDonald says:

    Traci, thank you! Love reading your blog and what fun to see a familiar picture ;). xo Ann

  4. Fashion-isha says:

    You’re so lucky you have warmth, it’s been cold and grey here in the NY/NJ area. That garden area is amazing!!

  5. Beautiful blog and (twin) inspiration! Came over from Multiplicity mag and so glad I did. :)