I am delighted to be included in another fabulous iVillage round-up — this one, the top tips and tricks to get a high style look on a budget.  I mean, who couldn’t use that?  Every mom I know wants to use her money wisely.  We mothers of multiples know how expensive it is to buy double (or triple!) the diapers and formula … and I can hardly bear the thought of double (or triple!) college tuition.

No matter what your budget — big or small — there are almost always some areas to splurge and others to save.  For my boys’ room, I saved on this inexpensive chair and personalized art so that I could splurge in other areas.  See the results, along with some other incredible DIY transformations and designer secrets — over at iVillage!

What’s your favorite “save” versus “splurge”?

One response to “high style on a budget? here’s how!”

  1. Donna Frasca says:

    Pretty chair Traci, do you have it in a different fabric for the boys’ room or did you keep it white?