I have to admit that camping is just about the last thing that I have any interest in doing.  Fortunately, my husband feels the same way.  Not so fortunately (?), it might be making my twinkies a bit “soft.”  Last summer, Twin B slipped and got his hands and fanny covered in mud.  Which resulted in a complete and total meltdown.  The gorgeous twin girlfriends looked at him like he had lost his mind.   We were waiting for the pool to open so it was hardly rustic. He looked at their mommy like she had lost her mind when she suggested that he go camping with them and play in the river.

In my family, we much prefer “glamping” — you know, glamorous camping.  My major requirements for this are a comfortable bed and a nice bathroom — the more stars, the better.  The twinks are especially fond of the hotel where we stay during Thanksgiving at their grands … which comes complete with a breakfast buffet.  Doughnuts?  Sweet!  The only — and I mean, only — thing that might be able to change my mind is a swanky Airstream.  Because they just look so fabulous … and you all know how I feel about pretty things.

Did you read the New York Times article about Christopher C. Deam and his design of the new Airstream Sterling Concept Trailer?  It’s being displayed in Palm Springs as part of Modernism Week.  Christopher happens to be married to Lara Hedberg Deam, the founder of Dwell magazine.  They just might be the closest thing we currently have to Ray and Charles Eames, right? Christopher’s interiors are amazing enough to make me dream about glamping Airstream-style with my now-five year old twins.

My favorite part of the article, however, is when Christopher talks about camping in a 16-foot Airstream Bambi with his then-six month old boy/girl twins.  The family planned a three-day trip … and made it a whopping day and a half.  Apparently, the curvy interior is a perfect magnifier of cranky baby screams.

Maybe I’m glad we didn’t go glamping back then after all.

Bottom photo by moi … two weeks before my twins’ due date.  Don’t they look thrilled?

9 responses to “can you camp in style with twins?”

  1. I have had this exact. Same. Conversation with my husband! I have also petitioned for the airstream! I am not interested in living like a pilgrim, for any length of time. Why not have a swanky home on wheels at your disposal?

  2. Cris Angsten says:

    I love camping. We prefer the primitive-style where you have to hike three miles to your remote site, no amenities, no camping neighbors singing stupid songs or having midnight belching contests. Just us, the stars, a fire, and three dogs roaming around. I know they are supposed to be leashed, but that’s the joy of being in the middle of nowhere – they can roam and have fun too!

  3. Tawna Allred says:

    Ahhh, the conversation we have every summer. Now hubby knows he has to take the kids….without me :). While there is no glamping around here, it is the night mommy gets a break. The kids can go enjoy burnt food over an open fire and dirt, and I can enjoy some quiet for a night. Everyone is happy!

  4. Amanda says:

    I hate camping…I only go if I am forced :)

  5. Talitha says:

    But camping can be such fun! We play card and board games, the kids play in the creek and we go hiking to find waterfalls, and we even enjoy steaks over the charcoal grill and use our electric skillet for a breakfast of eggs, country ham, and fried toast. That really doesn’t sound so bad, right?!? If I can manage the twins and L, I’ll take H&C any day!

  6. So many things to comment on! First, thank goodness someone is finally taking the interiors of these spaces seriously. Because they can go terribly wrong — read Tacky Vegas or worse Oaky Overstuffed Country. Second, it has been a secret dream of mine to redesign the interior and exterior of a trailer. Third, I have never taken my twins camping, but my parents did and came back exhausted. Seems they had a great time bathing in dirt and then ashes from the fire the night before. Can’t say I didn’t warn them. 😉

  7. Traci, I am so with you! I do not camp, although those photos might make me change my mind. I do, however, have an obsession with campers. Weird, I know, but I love them!

  8. Annie says:

    I am so with you. However my husband is a hunter soooo I know at some point we will have to get the kids involved in camping! I can’t do longer than two days and nights. I need indoor plumbing!! LOL

  9. After your post and the beautiful photos of the Airstream I would try glamping it!! But only if I could go in style…LOL I am sure my two young boys would love to go camping, to bad their mama isn’t a out door kinda gal.