There’s a reason everyone and their brother likes Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon.  With its colorful palette, a dash of Chiang Mai Dragon can tie an otherwise-uncoordinated room together in one fell swoop (or little pillow, as the case may be).

Chiang Mai Dragon Aquamarine

The price tag of Chiang Mai Dragon is steep, though … and even though you don’t need much for a pillow … it’s just too much for some of us to justify.  I’ve been working with a friend of mine who has great style … but she writes the blog Thrifty Like Me and is a Craigslist wunderkind.  In other words, she is not splurging on the Schumacher.  So what’s a girl-in-need-of-color to do?

Robert Allen Kiki Pinata

Enter Robert Allen at Home’s Kiki in Pinata.  Isn’t it fun?  Without the dragons, but with the florals, the palette of this fabric is strikingly similar to Chiang Mai Dragon in aquamarine.  The price tag, however, could not be any more dissimilar … as Kiki clocks in at a budget-friendly $12.00 per yard.  Yes, yes, the scale is different and the dragon motif is more sophisticated … but could you live with that, considering the difference in cost?

Photos from F. Schumacher and

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